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Service Update

You can still purchase books and our new Surprise Reads from our website and we will ship them as soon as it is safe and responsible to do so.
Our supply partners have currently paused operations and we are not shipping from the shop for the safety of our team.
You can still purchase digital Mr B's book vouchers and subscriptions for use and book solace when the show is back on the road!

Mr B's Articles and Podcasts

Every month Jess, our podcast queen, props up her tiny little microphone on its tiny little stand and talks books along an appropriate or just intriguing theme with a few of her colleagues and, more often than not, an unsuspecting passing author. Be sure to tune in (each episode is announced on all social media) and do explore past episodes in our podcast library below.

In amongst the podcasts you might find articles on anything we've been itching to share with you - whether about books, bookselling, exciting things that have happened or might happen or anything else for that matter. If we've been got something to blather on about then this is where the blathering will happen.