The Maniac by Benjamin Labatut

John von Neumann is the most important person you’ve never heard of. A prodigal mathematician and polymath, he revolutionised every field he worked in, from the foundations of artificial intelligence to the creation of the atomic bomb.

In this superb work of fact-as-fiction, Benjamin Labatut weaves together the story of von Neumann’s life, career and descent into madness into a gripping parable about the dark foundations of the modern world. Cleverly told through the fictionalised testimonials of colleagues, friends and family at the pace of a thriller, The Maniac is the perfect read for fans of Oppenheimer.  – Rohan

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Bury Your Gays by Chuck Tingle

When his studio asks him to kill off the lesbian co-leads in his TV show, claiming it’s what “the algorithm” demands, Hollywood screenwriter Misha Byrne refuses without hesitation. He vowed he would never succumb to the tired tropes and mistreatment of queer characters that disillusioned him as a child. Besides, he’s just been nominated for an Oscar so he’s clearly doing something right. 

But when monsters from his past horror filmography begin appearing in his everyday life, Misha quickly realises that his higher-ups won’t take “no” for an answer. Stalked by strange and dangerous creatures of his own making, Misha must figure out where they came from and how to stop them before it’s too late…

A thrill ride of a novel packed with horror, humour, and references galore. Perfect for fans of Grady Hendrix. – Nethmi

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The Boy to Beat the Gods by Ashley Thorpe

Young Kayode dreams of eating the forbidden fruit of the Orishas to obtain their power and put an end to their murderess regime. One fateful night, they abduct Kayode’s little sister and so when the fruit mysteriously appears in his way, he absorbs all the power of the gods in order to save her. Joining forces with a shapeshifting trickster god and a vengeful princess, this magical adventure was captivating from page one.

A new voice in children’s literature, Ashley has captured the power and formidable ruthless force of the African gods whilst highlighting the importance of friendship, bravery and family above all else. I loved it and can’t wait to come back to this world and follow Kayode’s new adventures. – Becky

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