Romance Panel Triple Review!

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Hannah on Under Your Spell by Laura Wood: “Are you ready for the absolutely perfect summer romance? Laura Wood’s debut adult romance novel is everything I wanted in more. Clementine has just lost her long time (yet boring) boyfriend and lost her dream job. She’s lost. After a night with her sisters full of mischief and “spellcasting,” Clementine is determined to take her life into her own hands. Which includes having a one night stand with a rockstar, kicking off a summer that she wasn’t expecting…and a story you won’t be able to forget!
I loved every minute of this romance, especially as it had so much more – sisterhood, messy families, career crises, body positivity. Laura Wood always manages to create so much joy in her books, while also working on drama, intrigue, complex characters and, yes, a bit of steamy romance.”

Liv on Experienced by Kate Young: “Recently-out Bette is head over heels for her girlfriend Mei. But Mei’s worried that Bette hasn’t had enough experience… From disastrous dates to awkward encounters on apps, Experienced follows Bette as she sets off on her reluctant dating odyssey. Delightfully funny and incredibly sexy, this debut romcom reads like a 90s classic. I loved it!”

Liv on The Love of my Afterlife by Kirsty Greenwood: “Delphie’s just had the strangest meet-cute – in the afterlife! But there’s been a mistake, and he’s been sent back to Earth. Luckily, Delphie’s been offered a deal: she can return to her previous life and reconnect with the mysterious man. But she’s only got 10 days to find him. And when she does, he’ll have no memory of their meeting… This highly original romcom is hilarious, life-affirming, and oh-so-romantic, perfect for fans of The Seven Year Slip by Ashley Poston!”

BRAT by Gabriel Smith

Gabriel is not doing well. He hasn’t written a word of his second novel, his girlfriend is gone, his father is dead, and his skin keeps peeling off in large strips. Tasked by his brother to pack up their late father’s house, Gabriel finds himself isolated and increasingly at odds with reality. Why is there a deer-man in the yard? Who are the two young strangers he keeps hanging out with? And why do his parents’ old manuscripts keep changing every time he reads them?

Written in short vignettes and by turns horrifying and hilarious, Gabriel Smith’s irreverent debut is perfect for fans of Chuck Palahniuk, Lara Williams and Bret Easton Ellis. – Nethmi

The Battle of the Beams by Tom Whipple

1939, at the dawn of the Second World War, Britain’s high command believes that The Luftwaffe  are yet to develop RADAR technology for their planes. Not only have Germany fortified their defences with RADAR – something Britain will quickly discover – but they are developing cutting-edge radio targeting systems which will devastate the blitzed cities of Britain over the coming years. 

Battle of the Beams is a gripping tale of heroism and hubris, and how Reginald Jones and his team, an unsuspecting practical joker working at RAE, helped Britain win a battle of technology that eventually turned the tide of the war in Britain’s favour. – Tom B