Publication Date: 17/09/2019 ISBN: 9781788738156 Category:

The Case for the Green New Deal

Ann Pettifor

Publisher: Verso Books
Publication Date: 17/09/2019 ISBN: 9781788738156 Category:




The GND has the potential of becoming one of the largest global campaigns of our times, and it started in Ann Pettifor’s flat. In 2008, the first Green New Deal was devised by Pettifor and a group of English economist and thinkers, but was ignored within the tumults of the financial crash. A decade later, the ideas was revived within the democratic socialists in the US, forefront by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. The Green New Deal demands a radical and urgent reversal of the current state of the global economy: including total de-carbonisation and a commitment to fairness and social justice.

Critics on all sides have been quick to observe that the GND is a pipe dream that could never be implemented, and would cost the earth. But, as Ann Pettifor shows, we need to rethink the function of money, and how it works within the global system. How can we bail out the banks but not the planet? We have to stop thinking about the imperative of economic growth-nothing grows for ever. The program will be a long term project but it needs to start immediately.

Publisher Review

"The Case for the Green New Deal succinctly explains what the GND is, where the idea came from, why it's necessary, and how to make it happen. As an economist and expert in monetary theory, Pettifor is uniquely well placed to describe how the GND can be funded" - Morning Star "Demanding drastic, even impossible change - as...Pettifor [does] - may just be a way to ensure that something is done." - Jonathan Ford, Financial Times "Clear, concise, and well put...a crash course in the economics and history of the policy bundle, as well as a roadmap to implementing it." - Bright Green "Concise, erudite and thought-provoking" - Quietus "This awareness-raising contribution to an important debate should expand our understanding of what's possible and encourage us to take action." - Labour Briefing "What still distinguishes Pettifor's thinking about the Green New Deal is the way that it tackles not only the climate crisis but also the financial system that helped create it." - Sierra Magazine "Pettifor has a rare approach, both radical and intricate" - Zoe Williams, Guardian

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