Publication Date: 06/08/2015 ISBN: 9781782114086 Category:

The Book of Strange New Things

Michel Faber

Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd
Publication Date: 06/08/2015 ISBN: 9781782114086 Category:
Paperback / Softback




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‘I am with you always, even unto the end of the world . . .’

Peter Leigh is a missionary called to go on the journey of a lifetime. Leaving behind his beloved wife, Bea, Peter sets out on a quest to take the word of God to the farthest corners of the galaxy. His mission will challenge everything – his faith, his endurance and the love that can hold two people together, even when they are worlds apart.

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Publisher Review

Michel Faber's second masterpiece, quite different to The Crimson Petal and The White but every bit as luminescent and memorable. It is a portrait of a living, breathing relationship, frayed by distance. It is an enquiry into the mountains faith can move and the mountains faith can't move. It is maniacally gripping -- DAVID MITCHELL Magnificently bold and addictive . . . a book quite unlike any other I've read -- Edmund Gordon * * Sunday Times * * As gripping as any thriller . . . A work of originality and insight -- Andrew Billen * * The Times * * There are some novels that come along, when writing a review seems superfluous and all one wants to do is to grab someone by the shoulders and say: "Look, just read the damn thing!". This is one of them . . . In this thoughtful, deeply moving page-turner, Faber excels himself * * Scotsman * * I can't remember being so continually and unfailingly surprised by any book for a long time. I found it completely compelling and believable, and admired it enormously -- PHILIP PULLMAN Michel Faber is a truly gifted writer, an addictive storyteller with an nuanced command of language. One of the best things I have read this year * * Literary Review * * Weird and disturbing, like any work of genius, this novel haunted me for the seven nights I spent reading it, and haunts me still. A story of faith that will mesmerize believers and non-believers alike, a story of love in the face of the Apocalypse, a story of humanity set in an alien world -The Book of Strange New Things is desperately beautiful, sad, and unforgettable. -- DAVID BENIOFF, author of City of Thieves and co-creator HBO series, Game of Thrones The very notion of what it means to be human is grappled with in unusually direct terms . . . richly suggestive -- Hannah McGill * * Independent * * Highly imaginative, unusual and thought-provoking -- Katherine Whitbourn * * Daily Mail * * At the heart of The Book of Strange New Things is one question: Whom - or what - do you love, and what are you willing to do for that love (or not willing)? The result is a novel of marvel and wonderment with a narrative engine like a locomotive -- YANN MARTEL Spellbinding, heartbreaking and mind-bending . . . Faber's strongest, most plangent and most intellectually gleeful novel. It is affecting as much as it is challenging. It not only made me want to read his next book, but re-read his backlist immediately * * Scottish Review of Books * * This is a man who could give Conrad a run at writing the perfect sentence * * Guardian * * The Book of Strange New Things is indeed strange: a page-turner which manages to subvert every narrative expectation; a book about the future that forces you to reconsider the role of religion; a book about aliens that is mostly concerned with human love. It left me in a state of wonder and devastation -- KEVIN MacDONALD, director of One Day in September, Touching the Void and The Last King of Scotland You are unlikely to regret a single hour/day/month spent in Faber's diverting, exuberant and intelligent company * * Financial Times * * A novel of big ideas by a writer of unusual intelligence and lucidity * * Independent on Sunday * * Faber is a metaphysical author who writes with a wide-eyed sense of compassion and a simple, glassy beauty. Ultimately, his book stakes its own bold faith in our unique human capacity for love * * Metro * * So adroit is the storytelling, so slick is the cavalcade of vivid minor characters, from sinister doctors to fervent Bible-bashers, that you find yourself drawn into this eerily unfamiliar world, in which Christian and post-Christian values collide * * Mail on Sunday * * Faber eases ahead [of David Mitchell and Philip Pullman] as the apostle of our moment in and out of time * * Herald * * A great performance, and a mature one * * Daily Telegraph * * With its unadorned language and eerie, sincere sense of the power (and powerlessness) of faith, this is a haunting skin-crawl of a read * * New Statesman * * A creepingly claustrophobic story set in an apocalyptic future * * Shortlist * * A stellar achievement * * The Australian * * A novel about the limits of human emotion and the nature of faith. It questions what binds us together and is at times deeply unsettling, but also an astonishing book that resonated with me for weeks * * Stylist * * This is a rewarding novel, which engages with big ideas and serves up mysteries while keeping human relationships front and centre * * SFX * * Refreshing, strange and new * * Curious Animal Magazine * * What Michel Faber has done triumphantly is to write a lucid, unaffected novel about love, morals and faith (not just religious faith) which carries the reader through every one of its 600 pages * * Spectator * * [The Book of Strange New Things] is an examination of humanity. Startlingly tender and bold in conception, it offers a bleak vision of our future that also holds fast to the hope that, in Larkin's phrase, "what will survive of us is love" * * Observer * * Astonishing and deeply affecting * * Guardian * * Epic and disquieting . . . sucks you in and lingers for a while after you finish reading * * Emerald Street * * The Book of Strange New Things is unshowy and philosophical; the kind of science fiction where the sense of jeopardy comes from the battle maintain love, faith and understanding in crisis conditions, rather than showdowns between diverse life forms, and is all the more thought-provoking because of it * * Sunday Express * * Seeps under the skin like the windy, wet atmosphere on Oasis . . . Written with almost unbearable restraint, [this] is a loving, very sad piece of work * * Financial Times * * Wondrous * * Bookmunch * * Highly recommended * * The Lady * * Utterly captivating * * Irish Independent * * A brilliantly original and quite gripping tale of love, humanity and faith * * Connaught Telegraph * * Faber examines the ways in which physical distance can irreparably alter even our closest relationshipsHis astute observations make this novel a worthwhile read * * Totally Dublin * * The Book of Strange New Things succeeds as science fiction, because it examines the effect of unfamiliar, imaginary situations on the human psyche - it's a laboratory for the soul, and that's a workplace for which Michel Faber has shown himself to be particularly suited. * * Herald * * The author pulls off such a feat of imagination and persuades the reader that it is reality * * Metro * * Astonishing... as Faber tests the limits of language - and how much of a world can be conveyed in a word - he displays language's greatest power, to make strange things familiar and familiar things startlingly strange * * Observer * *

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