If you read our recent article Friends on Skates you’ll already be aware that this year we are supporting Bath Roller Derby as part of the ‘Here We Go, Thank You’ crowdfunding reward to help with our new expansion. Ever since then, we’ve been getting to know each other better, and two of the Mr B’s team joining their Fresh Meat Learn to Skate course last autumn sealed the deal!

Thus began what we hope will be a long and fabled friendship, full of books and bruises. We thought it was about time that we introduced you to the Bath Roller Derby team, who are all huge book fans, and to hear from them in their own words, so that next time you want a badass-certified book you know exactly where to find one.

Find all the books they recommend together here: https://mrbsemporium.com/shop/book-lists/bath-roller-derby-recommends/

Or click on an individual book’s title or picture to learn more about it!

Lily da Vida Loca

What I love about roller derby is that it’s a group of badass women hitting each other really hard, and when it’s over you all give each other a hug. It’s just such a positive environment and it makes me feel strong.

Outside of derby I’m in the final year of my degree in creative writing and publishing, so if all goes as planned maybe one day my book will be on your shelves!

Lily da Vida Loca recommends…
So tough to choose just one, but it has to be Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. Absolutely beautiful writing, but be prepared for some very gruesome murder scenes.

Lady MacTuff

I started playing derby after working on a book about it in a previous job – it looked amazing but I never could have known quite how brilliant it was.

I love the feeling of being on skates, how you feel like superwoman when you manage to land the perfect hit or get points, and the team spirit – our team regularly high five one other AND the opposition! Outside of derby, when I’m not changing nappies I work in the publishing team of a heritage charity and am the not-at-all-bestselling author of Cats and Dogs of the National Trust.

Lady MacTuff recommends…
All My Friends are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman. The loveliest couple of hours you will spend reading.

Killty Pleasure

I’ve been doing derby since Sept 2018 when i did the fresh meat course. I loved every second of it and love playing with such a great group of kindhearted and generous folk.

Away from derby I am a full time mum of 3 young boys 🤯. When the training days come round I am so excited to get back onto skates…the sport requires complete focus in the moment so all other stresses, worries or self doubt get sidelined and more often than not, they get forgotten completely by the time I de-kit. 

Killty Pleasure recommends…
If They Knew by Joanne Sefton. A brilliant debut novel by a lovely woman.

Skull and Crossjones

I began my roller derby journey in 2014, and have been in love with it ever since. I love the teamwork, the camaraderie and how a contact sport on wheels is so much more fun than I could have ever imagined.

A friend suggested my name Skull and CrossJones as a play on my surname, with a pirate theme as I live on a boat. Outside of derby I’m a medical herbalist and my other hobby is mountaineering.

Skull and Crossjones recommends…
Oryx and Crake – Margaret Atwood. In the current situation this whole post-apocalyptic trilogy written almost 20 years ago seems very timely. The second and third books, The Year of the Flood and MaddAddam are excellent too.

The Mighty Bosh

The thing I love the most about roller derby is that it never stops challenging me. I love the way it encourages us to take up space, to make our voices heard, to be assertive and physical and, above all else, lift each other up throughout. I also LOVE getting stuck into strategy and stats. 

My derby name is a tribute to the comedy genius of Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, with a nod to my bosh-y house rabbit Fleur. Outside of derby, I’m an analytical chemist, a mediocre but happy runner, and a lover of reading in the sunshine.

The Mighty Bosh recommends…
Her Body And Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado. A beautiful unsettling collection of short stories.

Little Sister

I started as a ref back in 2010, when the rules were all different, then joined Bath Roller Derby in 2014. I love the amazing inclusive and passionate family we create in derby, and for me derby is my zen place where all other stresses melt away!!

My name is taken from the game Bioshock – it sounds very cute and cuddly until you realise that… Outside of derby I’m a lawyer!

Little Sister recommends…
Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Incredible story and amazing lessons to be learned underneath the action. #piggy4life

Grief Encounters

Why did I start playing derby? I met someone at a party and told them I wanted to do an evening class to learn a new skill. They recommended the roller derby fresh meat learn to skate course.  I had no idea what roller derby was but I said yes. What I love most about it is getting sweaty,  knowing I must be alive if my body hurts that much!

As I am an outdoor freak, I surf, run, skate outdoors and go for long walks. If I’m not doing outdoor things I am either reading or eating (ideally both).

Grief Encounters recommends…
The Green Road by Anne Enright. Her writing is beautiful and evocative. You totally feel like you are in the story. Thought provoking, emotional and funny at the same time.

J for Jendetta

As someone who never seriously liked team (or really, any) sports until starting Bath’s fresh meat course in 2018, loving derby so much is a bit of a surprise. Skating is freeing and thrilling and I love how it makes me feel like I can do anything.

Outside of derby I’m a copywriter. So any sport that actively encourages punny names is a winner in my book.

J for Jendetta recommends
Hild by Nicola Griffith. A fascinating, intricate historical novel set in Anglo-Saxon Britain, when the tide starts turning from paganism to christianity. Game of Thrones level political intrigue with lots of complex female characters.