During the crowdfunding for our expansion, Bath Roller Derby Girls were kind enough to support us. As part of their ‘Here We Go Thank You’ reward, we’re proud to be supporting them in return as a local hero! 

For the uninitiated, Roller Derby is a women’s only sport played entirely on roller skates. Two teams compete on an oval track, with each team’s single jammer responsible for passing the opposite team’s blockers in order to win points.  

Two of our colleagues, Rhian and Gemma have been taking part in Bath Roller Derby’s ‘Fresh Meat’ initiation programme that runs each year. In the programme, they’ve been learning how to skate and how to do derby moves such as block, push, and even jump! Hopefully Rhian and Gemma will be taking part in some of the games themselves over the next year.  

Although the whole team may not be picking up skates anytime soon, and taking current restrictions in mind, Mr B’s will be supporting Bath Roller Derby in other ways over the coming year. As soon as they’re back in action and playing in the local league, we will be there to wave flags and shout as their cheer buddies! You’ll also be hearing all about their progress on our social media.

If you’d like to learn anything more about Roller Derby, the fresh meat programme, or what it’s like to hurtle full pelt on roller skates past someone trying to push you over, you can visit Bath Roller Derby’s website www.bathrollerderby.co.uk, and of course watch this space for updates!