Publication Date: 04/01/2022 ISBN: 9780711249585 Category:

Wolf Girl

Jo Loring-Fisher

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd
Publication Date: 04/01/2022 ISBN: 9780711249585 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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Allow yourself to be enchanted in this magical story of Sophy, the young girl whose extraordinary adventure with a real wolf helps her discover her inner confidence.

Sophy is a shy girl who struggles to fit in in the outside world. She is happiest at home, playing in her wolf suit in her den. It makes her feel strong like a wolf, fierce like a wolf, and maybe even a little bit brave like a wolf.

She loves her suit so much she decides to wear it to school one day, but it doesn’t go well. She tries to talk at school but the words get stuck in her throat and everyone laughs and whispers behind her back. But one day, an extraordinary thing happens…

Sophy is whisked away to a magical snowy land where she meets a wolf and her cub. The unlikely trio roll, run and howl together, playing happily in the snow. Sophy has found friends and nothing can ruin her day… until a big, angry bear appears.

But Sophyfinally finds her voiceand finds the courage she’s been looking for all along.

This beautifully told and enchantingly illustrated story carries important themes of overcoming the isolating feeling of being shy, finding friends and most importantly, finding your voice, and will delight readers young and old.

Praise for Jo Loring-Fisher’s other books:

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Publisher Review

'A beautiful book with wolf-like wisdom and bear-sized warmth.' -- Books For Topics 'Sophy doesn't know how to fit in, but when she wears her wolf suit she feels braver and stronger. Overcoming shyness and finding your own voice combine with a magical snowy adventure, from a rising picture book star. Now in paperback.' * The Bookseller * 'Wolf girl is a beautiful story to share with children. It invites talking about feelings, friendships and emotions. It also teaches children about empathy and kindness. A truly wonderful book that would make a perfect gift for any child.' -- Elizabeth Cook 'This is a beautiful book full of courage and hope exploring how to overcome your problems.' -- Armadillo Magazine Editor's Pick - 'This tender and positive story is gorgeously illustrated throughout - even the endpapers repay a close look.' -- The School Librarian 'A very sweet and reassuring story about trying to overcome shyness - a difficult thing to conquer when you're big or small. Jo's exquisite textured illustrations capture the atmosphere and natural environment beautifully. A lovely read.' * Jo Empson (Picture Book author/illustrator) * 'This book is heartfelt comfort and encouragement for anyone, young or old, who may be struggling to fit in. I cannot praise Wolf Girl highly enough, it's a wonderful book which is sure to become a classic.' * Carla Mendonca (actress) * 'An important book for those struggling with the enormity of the world......helping them realise that the enormity is the very thing to get excited about' * Clive Mantle (actor and author of The Adventures Of Freddie Malone) * "Beautiful words, beautiful illustrations and a beautiful message." * Mini Travellers *

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