Publication Date: 14/07/2022 ISBN: 9781529113792 Category:

Vuelta Skelter

Tim Moore

Publisher: Vintage Publishing
Publication Date: 14/07/2022 ISBN: 9781529113792 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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Tim Moore completes his epic (and ill-advised) trilogy of cycling’s Grand Tours.

Julian Berrendero’s victory in the 1941 Vuelta a Espana was an extraordinary exercise in sporting redemption: the Spanish cyclist had just spent 18 months in Franco’s concentration camps, punishment for expressing Republican sympathies during the civil war. Seventy nine years later, perennially over-ambitious cyclo-adventurer Tim Moore developed a fascination with Berrendero’s story, and having borrowed an old road bike with the great man’s name plastered all over it, set off to retrace the 4,409km route of his 1941 triumph – in the midst of a global pandemic.

What follows is a tale of brutal heat and lonely roads, of glory, humiliation, and then a bit more humiliation. Along the way Tim recounts the civil war’s still-vivid tragedies, and finds the gregarious but impressively responsible locals torn between welcoming their nation’s only foreign visitor, and bundling him and his filthy bike into a vat of antiviral gel.

Publisher Review

Vuelta Skelter is really three books in one. It's the story of Moore's own epic 2,760-mile, lung-busting, thigh-wrenching journey... It is a rich, kaleidoscopic look a the legacy of the Spanish Civil War... And it is also a tribute to Berrendero - a tough, dour loner who refuses to give an inch, either to the mountains or to the authorities... Moore wants to restore JB [Berrendero] to his proper place in the ranks of cycling legends. He succeeds superbly. -- Roger Alton * Daily Mail, *Book of the Week* * Marvellous -- Richard Peploe * * Reading Tim Moore is a joy... you will belly laugh at the bedraggled, gazpacho-guzzling figure Moore cuts in Vuelta Skelter... he emerges as a two-wheeled Groucho Marx and a thoughtful Simon Schama combined. -- Iain Marshall * Cycle * Vuelta Skelter's style is colloquial, full of jokes... the narrative races along like Berrendero on a good day... a valuable portrait of those post-war years of murder and hunger, and the modern Spain that still hardly dares mention them. -- Michael Eaude * Times Literary Supplement *

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