Publication Date: 12/05/2022 ISBN: 9781786495358 Category:

Two Women in Rome

Elizabeth Buchan

Publisher: Atlantic Books
Publication Date: 12/05/2022 ISBN: 9781786495358 Category:
Paperback / Softback




A beautifully atmospheric new tale from the prize-winning, bestselling novelist Elizabeth Buchan.

In the Eternal City, no secret stays hidden forever…

Lottie Archer arrives in Rome excited newly married and ready for change as she takes up a job as an archivist. When she discovers a valuable fifteenth-century painting, she is drawn to find out more about the woman who left it behind, Nina Lawrence.

Nina seems to have led a rewarding and useful life, restoring Italian gardens to their full glory following the destruction of World War Two. So why did no one attend her funeral in 1978?

In exploring Nina’s past, Lottie unravels a tragic love story beset by the political turmoil of post-war Italy. And as she edges closer to understanding Nina, and the city draws her deeper into its life, she is brought up against a past which will come to shape her own future.

Praise for Elizabeth Buchan:

‘It’s a gem of a book… Beautiful, elegant.’ Marian Keyes

‘Intricately plotted and beautifully written.’ Katie Fforde

‘An amazing, emotive, heartbreaking but also ultimately uplifting novel. I really loved it.’ Laura Barnett

Publisher Review

This evocative story captures the highs of love and the lows of betrayal... A compelling book, full of intrigue * Women's Weekly * Buchan is always brilliant on love and this gorgeously written novel has as many twists and shadows as the baroque city in which it is set. * Wendy Holden, Daily Mail * Buchan is a skilful writer ... captivating * Sunday Times * Elizabeth Buchan's new novel transports us to Rome in the 1970s and Rome today. Two women caught up in a tangled net of sex and espionage. If you enjoy a good spy story set in the alluring world of La Dolce Vita, Buchan's gripping read will not disappoint. * Carol Drinkwater * Impeccable writing and a fascinating exploration of women's lives. Rome is so richly depicted I could almost feel the heat of its pavements beneath my feet as I read and smell the incense in the cool interiors of its churches. The beauty of the city and its surrounding landscapes is threaded through with an ominous sense of danger for the young protagonist, Lottie, as she digs into the past and unpicks its secrets. A wonderfully enigmatic and vivid read, I couldn't recommend this novel more highly. * E.C. Fremantle * A feast for the senses - love, intrigue, danger and tragedy set against the swooning beauty of the Eternal City of Rome. A gripping mystery interwoven with Elizabeth Buchan's customary deep understanding of passion and human frailty. Her most stunning novel yet. * V. B. Grey * An exquisite story about the beauty of art and the secrets that lie beneath all our surfaces. Elizabeth Buchan's new novel is both tensely plotted and utterly immersive. The atmosphere of Rome and its buried past rises from every page. * Jane Thynne * Elegant and atmospheric, with two complex interlocking stories than join past and present. An excellent read. * Fanny Blake * So beautifully steeped in the spirit of a place, Two Women in Rome completely transported me to the city. Art, passion, and mystery - expertly layered, this is a rich and gorgeous book. -- Eve Chase A beautifully atmospheric, elegant and emotive story ... intricately plotted and transportive -- Adele Parks * Platinum * Buchan racks up the tension, while vividly evoking the city of the Vatican and Versace, frescoes and Frascati, in all its sublime and seedy complexity. * Saga *

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