Publication Date: 03/03/2022 ISBN: 9781526601551 Category:

Two Heads

Uta Frith, Alex Frith, Chris Frith, Daniel Locke

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Publication Date: 03/03/2022 ISBN: 9781526601551 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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‘Charming and addictively accessible’ STEVEN PINKER

‘Original, authoritative and beautiful’ BRIAN COX

‘The most wonderful adventure’ ROBIN INCE

A brilliantly illustrated journey through the wonders and mysteries of the human brain – from a renowned husband-and-wife team of cognitive neuroscientists.

Professors and husband-and-wife team Uta and Chris Frith have pioneered major studies of brain disorders throughout their nearly fifty-year career. In Two Heads, their distinguished careers serve as a prism through which they share the compelling story of the birth of neuroscience and their paradigm-shifting discoveries across areas as wide-ranging as autism and schizophrenia research, and new frontiers of social cognition including diversity, prejudice, confidence, collaboration and empathy.

Working with their son Alex Frith and artist Daniel Locke, they examine the way that neuroscientific research is now focused on the fact we are a social species, whose brains have evolved to work cooperatively. What happens when people gather in groups? How do people behave when they’re in pairs – either pitted against each other or working together? Is it better to surround yourself with people who are similar to yourself, or different? And, are two heads really better than one?

Highly original and ingeniously illustrated, Two Heads provides an expansive understanding of how our brains work, and how they work together.

Publisher Review

Joyful and fabulously original . . . Have I ever read anything like it before? No, I'm certain that I haven't. Each page is a visual delight . . . It's extremely easy to read and often very funny. And yet you finish it with your mind blown. Simply by virtue of the fact that it makes some pretty cutting-edge brain science seem almost straightforward, it subtly expands the world of the reader * Observer * Neither simplifies nor trivialises the way the human brain works . . . An enlightening, inspirational scientific voyage that highlights the importance of collaboration * Kirkus * [A] comprehensive graphic guide to the workings of the brain . . . Chock-full of science facts . . . The work overall has the feel of being invited to dinner with a friend's eccentric genius parents * Publisher's Weekly * A marriage of neuroscience and art which delivers deep insight into the workings of our brains and how we live together as human beings. Original, authoritative and beautiful -- Brian Cox A charming and addictively accessible introduction to neuroscience, featuring a pair of pioneers who have illuminated some of its deepest implications for thought, emotion and psychopathology -- Steven Pinker, Johnstone Professor of Psychology, Harvard University, and the author of HOW THE MIND WORKS and RATIONALITY You could not ask for two more inspiring tour guides to take you on a tour of your brain. This is a brilliant introduction to the mysteries of why we are and how we are. It is fascinating and at times disturbing, but it is also the most wonderful adventure -- Robin Ince A fantastically fun way to learn about the brain, the mind and the lives of two of the world's most brilliant scientists -- Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, Professor of Psychology at the University of Cambridge and author of INVENTING OURSELVES I have never seen anything like this. It is an engaging story of the careers - and the love affair - of two of the world's leading cognitive neuroscientists. It is a witty and accessible introduction to the brain and how it works. It is a cutting-edge exploration of issues such as schizophrenia, autism, prejudice, and empathy. Oh, and it's also an absolutely beautiful graphic novel. Two Heads is a triumph and a delight -- Paul Bloom, Professor of Psychology at University of Toronto and author of THE SWEET SPOT Beguiling, cheeky and endlessly thought-provoking . . . This book will change the ways you think about the ways you think -- Steve Silberman, author of NEUROTRIBES Two Heads breaks the mold. It's a fabulous book about the lives and work of a cognitive neuroscience power couple who have illuminated what has come to be called the 'social brain' . . . Read it if you are interested in the topic, or if you simply want to have a very enjoyable experience -- Joseph LeDoux, Professor of Neural Science at New York University and author of THE DEEP HISTORY OF OURSELVES Tell[s] the story of their love affair with neuroscience - and with each other * i *

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