Publication Date: 06/10/2022 ISBN: 9781529500301 Category:

The Book That No One Wanted to Read

Richard Ayoade, Tor Freeman

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd
Publication Date: 06/10/2022 ISBN: 9781529500301 Category:




“Laugh out loud funny and full of heart” Noel Fielding

“Very funny, with brilliant illustrations. It should be called The Book That Everyone Wanted To Read.” Nadia Shireen

“One book that I really think children should read is The Book That No One Wanted to Read.” David Baddiel

What is it that makes YOU want to read a book? Richard Ayoade’s children’s debut gives you all the answers in a way that’s silly, funny, and thoroughly beguiling.

Have you ever thought about how it feels to be a book? To be left under a whiffy pant pile or shelved, forever collecting dust? To have your pages bent backwards or your spine BROKEN? What if you don’t have a sparkly unicorn or dragon adorning your cover – who will pick you out of the bookshop then? This is the story of the sadly neglected Book That No One Wanted To Read – can its destiny change when it finally meets the right reader? Spoiler alert: yes.

Publisher Review

Packed with wit, warmth and wisdom - a hilarious but heartfelt guide to the power of the imagination in every child. * Piers Torday * A very - very - funny book that's also a playfully philosophical exploration of why we write and why we read. * Mac Barnett, author of Sam and Dave Dig a Hole and What Is Love? * Richard Ayoade and Tor Freeman are a dreamus teamus. * Jim Smith, creator of Barry Loser * Richard Ayoade is one of the funniest people ever to write a book, which is an impressive achievement because there have been at least nine books written so far in human history... possibly more! Anyway, this is a book about a book discovering how best to be a book, with the help of someone who knows about books (but isn't a book). Bamboozled? Don't worry, it's properly amazing and the illustrations are perfect. I loved it so very, very much. * Greg Jenner * The most inaccurate title in the entire history of literature The Book That No One Wanted to Read should immediately be re-titled The Book That I Read And Immediately Wanted to Read All Over Again. It's stupendously funny, it's mind-meltingly clever, it's snort-inducingly silly and it's meta-tactically post-modern all at the same time. How is this possible? Only by combining the planet-sized brain of Richard Ayoade and the uber-talented fingers of Tor Freeman. Everything single page is a delight, from camel wrangling to dragon school. Who else but Richard could make the main character in a book... a book? It's such a brilliant idea that it made me sit in the corner in a foetal position for a full hour. * Chris Smith, author of the Kid Normal books *

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