Publication Date: 14/09/2023 ISBN: 9781982168568 Category:

Sure, I’ll Join Your Cult

Maria Bamford

Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: 14/09/2023 ISBN: 9781982168568 Category:


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From “weird, scary, ingenious” (The New York Times) stand-up comedian Maria Bamford, a brutally honest and hilariously frenetic memoir about show business, mental health, and the comfort of rigid belief systems-from Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, to Suzuki violin training, to Richard Simmons, to 12-step programs.

Maria Bamford is a comedian’s comedian (an outsider among outsiders) and has forever fought to find a place to belong. From struggling with an eating disorder as a child of the 1980s, to navigating a career in the arts (and medical debt and psychiatric institutionalization), she has tried just about every method possible to not only be a part of the world, but to want to be a part of it.

In Bamford’s signature voice, Sure, I’ll Join Your Cult, brings us on a quest to participate in something. With sincerity and transparency, she recounts every anonymous fellowship she has joined (including but not limited to: Debtors Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, and Overeaters Anonymous), every hypomanic episode (from worrying about selling out under capitalism to enforcing union rules on her Netflix TV show set to protect her health), and every easy 1-to-3-step recipe for fudge in between.

Singular and inimitable, Bamford’s memoir explores what it means to keep going, and to be a member of society (or any group she’s invited to) despite not being very good at it. In turn, she hopes to transform isolating experiences into comedy that will make you feel less alone (without turning into a cult following).

Publisher Review

"Bamford creates an effective mix of introduction (or reintroduction) to a fascinating comedian, a guide to the self-help industry, and an encouragingly lighthearted, respectful assessment of mental health, reminding readers that they are not alone. Laugh-out-loud funny, weird, and touching-a great example of what a celebrity memoir can bring to readers." -Kirkus Reviews (starred) "There's an authenticity to [Bamford's] words that elevates them into something beyond the category of comedy memoir... Bamford has created a work destined to shine much-needed light on mental illness. Illuminating those serious moments with humor is her true triumph." -Washington Post "In her signature oddball style, [Bamford] honestly and hilariously discusses all...while offering some weighty (yet somehow still funny) analysis of mental health stigma, our broken health care system, and those that take advantage of people in genuine need of help. Those who love Maria Bamford will love this, and those who don't might by the end." -Booklist (starred review) "[T]he book shines with Bamford's brilliance, relentless humor, and insatiable instinct for survival ... Raw and discomfiting, but completely compelling. This is an essential read for Bamford fans." -Library Journal "[H]ilarious, devastating, fascinating... Celebrated comedian Maria Bamford is a winsome and unapologetic tour guide through her own life, reflecting on her search for achievement, belonging and healing." -Bookpage "[A] hilarious, eyebrow-raising debut memoir ... It's all delivered with Bamford's trademark blend of disarming intimacy and dark whimsy. The result is a consistently funny and occasionally heartbreaking glimpse into a unique comedic mind." -Publishers Weekly "Sure, I'll Join Your Cult is a wry, blunt, service-y, sometimes cranky, and largely exuberant stroll through the modern self-help and support-group scene." -Shelf Awareness "Maria Bamford's writing is laugh-out-loud funny. Her brain is a national treasure." -Jennette McCurdy, #1 New York Times bestselling author of I'm Glad My Mom Died "[Bamford's] artisanal blend of unflinching self-awareness, searing honesty and compulsion for hilarious self-disclosure makes for an unforgettable read (or listen, because the audiobook is fantastic)." - Glen Weldon, host, Pop Culture Happy Hour "If Maria Bamford had a cult, I'd join it." -Rachel Bloom, author of I Want to be Where the Normal People Are "Maria is the kind of comedian you watch and think, 'I've gotta write more and I've gotta think deeper.' I'm glad she's in the world." -Patton Oswalt, New York Times bestselling author of Zombie Spaceship Wasteland and Silver Screen Fiend "Maria Bamford is deeply funny. her understanding of the world and her place in it is so specific to her brain and the many beautiful, bizarre voices that live inside it. Read this book to better understand one of our most special minds." -Nick Kroll "A brutal and honest look at battling mental health. Is it funny?...Of course...It's Maria, but it's also gut wrenching. Take Maria's hand and walk with her through good times, bad times, and coocoo for coco puffs times." -Oscar Nunez "Maria Bamford is my absolute favorite comedian. Read this book NOW!" -Tig Notaro, author of I'm Just a Person

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