Publication Date: 04/01/2024 ISBN: 9781800902039 Category:

Northern Soul

Phil Earle

Publisher: Barrington Stoke Ltd
Publication Date: 04/01/2024 ISBN: 9781800902039 Category:
Paperback / Softback




From award-winning author Phil Earle comes the hilariously agonising account of one teenage boy’s disastrous attempts to win the heart of the cool new girl at school.

Marv’s fourteen and his life is simple. There’s football. And his best mate, Jimmy. Perfect.

Nothing else matters until a new girl at school called Carly crashes into his life. For Marv, it’s love at first sight, his emotions flipped upside down, as he knows a girl like Carly will never notice him.

He needs help – lots of it – but when it miraculously arrives in the shape of a musical idol from the past, the path to Carly’s heart proves anything but easy …

First love is unforgettable, and poor Marv is about to learn this the hard way – him, and his northern soul …

Publisher Review

"Delightfully, toe-curlingly cringe for any teen who's ever felt useless around their crush. Hilarious and heart-warming" - Holly Bourne "A brilliantly funny and achingly real story that perfectly captures the life of a teenage boy in all of its awkward, cringy glory. I absolutely loved it!" - Simon James Green "Phil Earle's hilarious first-love story is for everyone who's ever dared to fall head-over-heels. It's note-perfect portrayal of discovering romance is guaranteed to make you laugh, cringe and cheer" - Keith Gray "Charmingly awkward, angsty and very funny. Northern Soul will strike a chord with all of us who have embarrassed ourselves for love" - Jenny Pearson "Funny, sharp and full of the hilarious horrors of teenage life. No one can tell a story quite like Phil Earle" - Katya Balen "Awkward, tender and dull of soul. A Spin the Bottle merry-go-round of a story" - Steven Camden "A joyous read!" - Lisa Thompson "A tale of young love, dating disasters, and the ghost of Otis Redding eating kebabs, this was excrutiating and hilarious - and I never want to be a teenager again" - Alastair Chisholm "I absolutely loved it. It's so sweet, funny, relatable, well paced and original ..." - Sarah Crossan "I've read pretty well every word Phil Earle has written, but this might just be my favourite of his books. So funny, so charming, so true. This is what it feels like to be a 14 year old boy in love for the first time." - Anthony McGowan "I absolutely loved Northern Soul - snort out loud funny, heartfelt and mortifying in equal measure, it's like OTIS, THONGS AND FULL FRONTAL SNOGGING. It wears its heart on its sleeve, and the sleeve has ketchup stains on it." - Ross Montgomery

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