Publication Date: 20/10/2022 ISBN: 9781529146233 Category:


Jeremy Utley, Perry Klebahn, David Kelley

Publisher: Ebury Publishing
Publication Date: 20/10/2022 ISBN: 9781529146233 Category:
Paperback / Softback




‘A game-changer’ | ‘A must-read’ | ‘Simple yet powerful’

The single best way to have a great idea is to produce lots of ideas.

The number of new ideas your organization can produce is a metric for its ability to generate novel solutions to any given problem. Your ideaflow is the most crucial business metric that you’ve never considered. Every business problem is, finally, an idea problem. How well you can solve those problems is how well you and your business can perform, navigate uncertainty, and develop innovations.

Drawing from their decades of teaching Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 executives at the world famous Stanford and leading innovative companies like Patagonia, Klebahn and Utley offer a battle-tested framework to exponentially boost your ideaflow. You’ll learn how to:
— Establish a brief daily creativity practice
— Develop thousands of great ideas on demand
— Run cheap, fast tests to determine which ideas will work
— Persuade your team and organization on the importance of centering ideaflow

Are you ready to supercharge your organization’s creativity?

Publisher Review

If everyone practiced what Utley and Klebahn preach, we could cure diseases and invent crazy technologies. After you read this book, no challenge will be too big for you to solve * Greg McKeown, bestselling author of ESSENTIALISM and EFFORTLESS * Offers practical tips on how to become cognitively open so you can unlock innovation in yourself and others * Kim Scott, author of RADICAL CANDOR and JUST WORK * This book is a game-changer that every leader should read * Carl Liebert, CEO of Keller Williams, Autonation, and 24 Hour Fitness * Insightful and entertaining... a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the wellspring of creativity * Kelly Leonard, Executive Director at The Second City and author of YES, AND * This inspiring, fun, and relentlessly practical roadmap is required reading for anyone bent on building a creative team or organization * Robert Sutton, Stanford Professor and bestselling author * The concept behind ideaflow is simple yet powerful. Ideas can come from anywhere and the more you can harness that mindset, the better. Every would-be leader and innovator should read this * Elizabeth Spaulding, CEO of Stitch Fix * A founder's secret weapon. Ideaflow is full of tools for everyone seeking to innovate constantly, build thoughtfully, and grow quickly. * Diarra Bousso, Founder & CEO at DIARRABLU * Our fearful quest for the proven right answer distracts us from the real work: building a flow of ideas that have a chance to solve the problems right in front of us. Ideaflow gives you a proven method to get out of your own way and start doing the work. * Seth Godin, author of THE PRACTICE * These authors are masterful at demystifying how any organization can turn creativity into a steady practice * Chris Flink, CEO and Executive Director of the Exploratorium and Former IDEO Partner * Teams succeed to the degree that there is a free flow of ideas. Read this book to learn how to bring out the best in others-and in yourself. * Scott Galloway, bestselling author of THE FOUR and POST CORONA * Finally, a book on creating a design-forward culture at your company that comes with practical and measurable advice. Read this book and you'll change the way you work, and maybe the way you live. * Bill Burnett, coauthor of DESIGNING YOUR LIFE and DESIGNING YOUR NEW WORK LIFE * Can't imagine where ManiMe would be without Jeremy and Perry. The coolest thing I learned is that we need to have a "founder's mindset" long before the product is ready for the market. They liberated my thinking, significantly accelerating our launch without unnecessary worry! * Jooyeon Song, Co-Founder and CEO of ManiMe * How do you invent what's next? Simply try to learn how to have more and better ideas. Ideaflow offers eye-opening techniques combined with practical insights into how anyone can establish creativity as a daily practice in their lives. * Dr. Frederik G. Pferdt, Google's Chief Innovation Evangelist, Adjunct Professor at Stanford's * Utley and Klebahn were by far the most transformative professors we had at Stanford. Ideaflow finally makes their lessons available to aspiring innovators everywhere. If you've ever wondered whether you have what it takes to put something new out into the world, read this book * Maite & Itziar Diez-Canedo, Co-founders and Co-CEOs of Via * Utley and Klebahn share proven tools and insider tricks from their renowned consulting expertise and best-in-class programs, so that these game-changing ideas flow to the rest of us. * Leidy Klotz, Author of SUBTRACT: The Untapped Science of Less, Professor of Engineering and Architecture at the University of Virginia * The core teaching of Ideaflow of getting out into the real world, quickly is the antithesis to my training as an MBA but I've since become obsessed with the art of experimenting, iterating, asking, and listening in order to build a massively impactful company that is unique in the marketplace. Founders shouldn't miss this book. * Aishetu Dozie, Founder and CEO of Bossy Cosmetics * Two masters of the craft provide a roadmap about how you can develop your creativity practice and help those you work with do the same. * Linda A. Hill, Chair of the Leadership Initiative, Harvard Business School and co-author of COLLECTIVE GENIUS * Over the last decade, Jeremy and Perry have become my go-to innovation gurus! This book is essential reading for anyone running an organization that desires to enhance and expand innovation. Beware the tidal wave of ideas that will follow once you start reading! * Mark Hoplamazian, CEO of Hyatt *

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