Publication Date: 06/02/2020 ISBN: 9781843654407 Category:

William Bee’s Wonderful World of Tractors and Farm Machines

William Bee

Publisher: Pavilion Books
Publication Date: 06/02/2020 ISBN: 9781843654407 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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William Bee is back and this time he’s showing us his amazing collection of farm machines and tractors.

There’s his teeny tiny tractor for picking fruit, the widest tractor in the world that can cover acre after acre, tractors for pulling ploughs or for pushing smelly loads of manure, his combine harvester and not forgetting his animals, including cows, Daisy and Buttercup, plus Brian the horse.

The Cone Family are back to help (or is that hinder?) on the farm, as is Sparky the dog.

Perfect for every child fascinated by farms, tractors and amazing vehicles.

Brmm Brmm, let’s get farming!

Publisher Review

‘The illustrations achieve the perfect balance between cheerful and informative … I am a shameless fan of the William Bee series … Books like this offer comfort to readers who want to enjoy learning about their interests.’ * Book Murmuration * ‘Every time a child looks at this book they will learn something new as there’s plenty hidden within the illustrations. Any child fascinated by farms and large vehicles will love this book with its bold, graphic artwork… There’s inspiration here for a whole topic on tractors and farm machinery linking to areas across the curriculum.’ * Early Years Educator * ‘Colourful illustrations and fun farm facts make this irresistible to fans of tractors.’ * Creative Steps * ‘A sort-of Top Gear for toddlers, but with less machismo and middle-aged men. The artwork is bold and bright, in rich primary colours and with a strong graphic feel … There’s a ton of detail to spot and discuss, which will really engage your child … impressive stuff.’ * Books with Baby * ‘This is a MUST for your bookshelves if you have a little one who loves big machinery and things that go … We love the bold, detailed illustrations of bobble-hatted narrator William Bee demonstrating all the machinery. My little reader loves spotting William’s team of helpers too.’ * Little Reader Loves * ‘This fun, fact-filled, engine-powered picture book puts your own little dynamos well and truly in the driving seat.’ * Lancashire Evening Post * ‘We’ve read a LOT of tractor books. This is hands-down the best one we’ve read … This vibrant, funny and fact-filled book gives a fascinating insight into different types of farm machinery. No tractor fan should be without it!’ * Get Kids Into Books blog * ‘Any children who love finding out about vehicles and machines will be captivated by the striking illustrations and enlightening text.’

— Nursery World Magazine * Book Review *

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