Publication Date: 25/04/2024 ISBN: 9781398701861 Category:

Wild City

Florence Wilkinson

Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Publication Date: 25/04/2024 ISBN: 9781398701861 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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‘A deeply evocative, highly descriptive and thoroughly enjoyable plunge into Britain’s urban wildlife with an authentically hopeful message’ Geographical Magazine

City-dwellers, it’s time to meet your neighbours.

In Wild City Florence Wilkinson takes us on a fascinating journey into why we should engage with our fellow urban species, from the badgers of central Brighton, to tunnel-dwelling Black Country bats to the mosquitoes found on the London Underground and nowhere else on earth.

She shares what we might see – if we only take the time to look – and how nature is adapting to human-engineered environments in unexpected and ingenious ways.

This gorgeously lyrical book invites us to celebrate the natural world, while also offering a clear-eyed glimpse into the challenges faced by urban plants and animals as cities grow and sprawl.

Florence proposes a compelling manifesto for city wildlife, suggesting how we might take action to protect the often-overlooked residents who live alongside us.

‘Wild City is as bright and hopeful as a dandelion springing up through the crack between pavings’ Hannah Bourne Taylor

‘An enjoyable and timely reminder that we are never alone’ Tristan Gooley

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