Publication Date: 22/08/2019 ISBN: 9780241403143 Category:

Why Your Parents Are Driving You Up the Wall and What To Do About It

Dean Burnett

Publisher: Penguin Random House Children's UK
Publication Date: 22/08/2019 ISBN: 9780241403143 Category:
Paperback / Softback




‘A wonderfully useful book, told with wit and wisdom’ – Adam Kay, best-selling author of THIS IS GOING TO HURT

“Get up or you’ll miss the best part of the day!”
“You treat this place like a hotel.”
“Can you just put that phone down for one minute?!”

After years of reliable performance, has something recently gone wrong with your parents?
Do you find yourself stressed out, arguing about the most ridiculous things?
Is it like you’re processing the same world with entirely different brains?

Do you and your parents want to fix things?
There are hundreds of books for them about how to deal with you.

Now, for the first time, doctor of brains and international bestselling author, Dean Burnett has written a book for YOU to understand just what on earth is going on.

Like, just WHY are your parents:

– Obsessed with tidiness
– Not letting you get enough sleep
– Just generally not getting anything that’s important to you!

But don’t worry. These are very normal parent malfunctions, and by understanding the science behind where they’re coming from, you’ll know exactly how to troubleshoot conflict when it occurs (and even fix it before it does).

You’ll never be able to remove arguments completely. But imagine what you’d be capable of if you weren’t wasting all that time and energy arguing about tidying your room.

Publisher Review

Refreshingly frank, warm, honest and funny and really does relate to all the realities of the parent-teen relationship... Read this book if you're a teenager. If you know a teen, do them a favour and buy them a copy. * Make (Good) Trouble * Every kid should have a copy of this book (parents can read it in secret late at night) * Tracy King, STEM Campaigner * A light touch on a serious subject. Great for helping teenagers learn how to maintain good mental health through the tricky years of adolescence, and understand just why their parents are so annoying! * Dr Beth Ross-Gilles, Child Clinical Psychologist * A transformative book that could save many troubled teen-parent relationships * Alom Shaha, author of Mr Shaha's Recipes for Wonder * A wonderfully useful book, told with Dean Burnett's trademark wit and wisdom * Adam Kay, best-selling author of THIS IS GOING TO HURT * Dean Burnett has written the book I needed in my teens...It's too late for me, but parents and youths, save yourselves * Holly Brockwell, Evening Standard *

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