Publication Date: 06/01/2022 ISBN: 9781526621009 Category:

When The War Came Home

Lesley Parr

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Publication Date: 06/01/2022 ISBN: 9781526621009 Category:
Paperback / Softback






The First World War has ended, but it hasn’t gone away.

When Natty has to move to a new village, she meets two young soldiers who are still battling the effects of war. Huw can’t forget the terrible things he’s seen, but Johnny doesn’t even remember who he is.
As Natty tries to keep a secret and unravel a mystery, she finds her own way to fight for what she believes in – and learns that some things should never be forgotten …

This mesmerising historical mystery includes an interactive clue so readers can unravel the mystery alongside the characters.

‘A heartfelt, hopeful tale of the human spirit’s incredible ability to recover’ – Emma Carroll

Publisher Review

'A heartfelt, hopeful tale of the human spirit's incredible ability to recover * Emma Carroll * This wonderful second novel firmly establishes Lesley as one of our finest writers of historical fiction. We should talk about her in the same way we talk about Hilary McKay, Emma Carroll & Tom Palmer ... I hope it reaches the wide audience that it truly deserves * Phil Earle * With echoes of Carrie's War and Goodnight Mister Tom, Parr brings her own fresh voice to what already feels like a wartime classic. This story is quietly brutal and brilliantly heartfelt. I absolutely ADORED it. - Emma Carroll, author of Letters from the Lighthouse * Praise for THE VALLEY OF LOST SECRETS * Atmospheric, direct and gripping, with a superbly assured narrative voice, this book is woven through with powerful themes: grief, belonging and making peace with the past. - Guardian * Praise for THE VALLEY OF LOST SECRETS * Beautifully told ... This appealing book is about losses healed, lies uncovered, cruelty defeated and goodness rewarded - Children's Book of the Week, The Sunday Times * Praise for THE VALLEY OF LOST SECRETS * A gentle story about the effects of war and standing up for what you believe in, When the War Came Home's hopeful and resilient story is sure to resonate with readers no matter the age... a light-hearted yet deeply emotional read * Bookseller review * If you're looking for something to look forward to in the first month of 2022, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this novel to children and adults alike. It's another wonderful history lesson in a book with all the power and emotion we need to really unlock the past * Bookseller Review * This is highly atmospheric historical fiction, combining authentic detail with themes of class and social justice that still resonate today * Bookseller Book of the Month *

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