Publication Date: 29/06/2023 ISBN: 9780141988931 Category:

What Do Men Want?

Nina Power

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Publication Date: 29/06/2023 ISBN: 9780141988931 Category:
Paperback / Softback




From the acclaimed philosopher and author of One-Dimensional Woman, a bold, playful and open-minded exploration of the role of men in the twenty-first century

Something is definitely up with men. From millions online who engage with the manosphere to the #metoo backlash, from Men’s Rights activists and incels to spiralling suicide rates, it’s easy to see that, while men still rule the world, masculinity is in crisis.

How can men and women live together in a world where capitalism and consumerism has replaced the values – family, religion, service and honour – that used to give our lives meaning? Feminism has gone some way towards dismantling the patriarchy, but how can we hold on to the best aspects of our metaphorical Father?

With illuminating writing from an original, big-picture perspective, Nina Power unlocks the secrets hidden in our culture to enable men and women to practice playfulness and forgiveness, and reach a true mutual understanding and a lifetime of love.

Publisher Review

Bracingly original ... a refreshingly sympathetic view of men and masculinity -- Louise Perry * The Times * A series of very congenial but devastating shots at contemporary gender politics ... Power seeks to carve out a new path in the relationship between men and women - one where neither side is stripped of its distinct humanity ... a refreshing take on sexual politics -- Jarryd Bartle * Critic * Hopeful ... By peppering her book with humour, Power rehumanises the gender debate -- Tim Stanley * Daily Telegraph * Power is brave ... she writes like a dream -- Christina Patterson * Sunday Times * Forceful and rather unusual ... Power's argument is that the all-out assault on men has gone too far ... men need to be heard. Simply shutting them out of the most important cultural conversations because of their perceived privilege only increases resentment between the sexes -- Jay Elwes * Spectator * Distinctive, rooted in a refusal to regard men and women as forever locked in warring positions. This perspective is combined with a humanistic approach to her subject that takes suffering in all its forms seriously ... creating space for nuance and reflection -- Mary McGill * Irish Independent * I have been moved by Nina Power's new book What Do Men Want? She searches for a more rounded take on the battle of the sexes ... Power strikes a warning note which all of us could heed -- Ian Harrow * Spectator * Provocative and rigorous ... she refuses easy essentialist answers about toxic masculinity or any simplistic notions of patriarchy -- Tim Adams * Observer * [Power is] less interested in the sins of the fathers and more concerned with the potential virtues of the sons ... her conclusion ... points to a more positive future in which the war of the sexes gives way to a playful peace. -- Julian Baggini * Literary Review * This book is both significant and timely ... insightful and sharply focused ... Power invites reflection on fundamental issues of human goodness, desire and suffering, going beyond culture wars. -- Tina Beattie * The Tablet * A provocative new book ... traverses taboos ... brave -- Ani O'Brien * New Zealand Herald * It has never been less fashionable to be a man. Masculinity is routinely damned as inherently "toxic" - yet "men are frequently trapped in systems of other men's making", as feminist philosopher Power points out... with humour and empathy -- Tim Stanley * Telegraph * Makes the case for a more generous and humane feminist discourse -- Zoe Heller * New Yorker *

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