Publication Date: 13/06/2019 ISBN: 9780356512228 Category:

Velocity Weapon

Megan E. O'Keefe

Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Publication Date: 13/06/2019 ISBN: 9780356512228 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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‘A brilliantly plotted yarn of survival and far-future political intrigue’ Guardian


The last thing Sanda remembers is her gunship exploding.

She expected to be recovered by salvage-medics and to awaken in friendly hands, patched-up and ready to rejoin the fight. Instead she wakes up 230 years later, on a deserted enemy starship called The Light of Berossus – or, as he prefers to call himself, ‘Bero’.

Bero tells Sanda the war is lost. That the entire star system is dead.

But is that the full story? After all, in the vastness of space, anything is possible . . .

Dazzling space battles, deadly galactic politics and rogue AI collide in Velocity Weapon, an epic space opera from award-winning author Megan E. O’Keefe.

Praise for Velocity Weapon

‘An entertaining SF thriller’ SciFiNow

‘Furious action sequences, funny dialogue, and a plot that will keep you guessing every step of the way’ K. B. Wagers

‘Velocity Weapon is fast-paced, twisty, edge-of-your-seat fun. Space opera fans are in for a massive treat!’
Marina J. Lostetter

Publisher Review

The twists come fast and furious . . . This one shouldn't be overlooked * B&N Scifi & Fantasy Blog * A great premise, compelling plot, and engaging cast of characters . . . from an author worth keeping an eye on * Amazing Stories * A mix of space opera action and interplanetary political shenanigans, Velocity Weapon is a good match for readers of John Scalzi * Omnivoracious/Amazon Book Review * An entertaining SF thriller * SciFiNow * O'Keefe keeps the pace pumping, timing the big twists perfectly * SFX * Meticulously plotted, edge-of-your-seat space opera with a soul; a highly promising science-fiction debut * Kirkus * A well-written tale of space adventure, underhanded political dealings and AI rights all wrapped up in a fast-paced plot and a well-thought-out world. A must-read for fans of James S. A. Corey and Alastair Reynolds * Bookbag * Full of twists, feints, and deception, O'Keefe's latest presents a visionary world rife with political intrigue and space adventure * Booklist - starred review * A complicated, thoughtful tale that skillfully interweaves intrigue, action, and strong characterization * Publishers Weekly * A brilliantly plotted yarn of survival and far-future political intrigue * Guardian *

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