Publication Date: 25/01/2018 ISBN: 9781925228977 Category:

Under the Love Umbrella

Davina Bell, Allison Colpoys

Publisher: Scribe Publications
Publication Date: 25/01/2018 ISBN: 9781925228977 Category:
Paperback / Softback




Whatever you fear, come close my dear

You’re tucked in safe for always here

And I will never not be near

Because of our love umbrella

From this award-winning creative duo comes a book about the wonder of ever-present love. A stunning celebration of the joy and comfort that is always with us, wherever we roam in the big, wild world.

Who’s under your Love Umbrella?

Publisher Review

'With a comforting lilt, Bell narrates a message of unshakable connectedness and belonging... [A]n ageless reminder, tenderly composed.' * Publishers Weekly * 'When life gets hard or scary, there is always room under the love umbrella to feel safe and adored ... [A] sweetly comforting story.' * School Library Journal * 'A beautiful story of a parent's love ... A truly wonderful book for youngsters facing change and challenges, no matter how big or small.' -- Louise Weeks * Mum's Grapevine * 'This sweetly comforting story is recommended for general purchase and well suited to storytime.' -- Elizabeth Lovsin * Deerfield Public Library * 'This is a book that has it all - a beautiful message with amazing illustrations ... The basic point of the story is that no matter what, whoever loves you will provide comfort and shelter to help you cope with distressing situations ... The illustrations provided by Allison Colpoys are nothing short of amazing. The background on the pages are mostly black or white and the colours used are vibrant red, orange, gold, and purple - almost to the point of being neon colours. The illustrations are detailed and children will love seeing all the little things hidden in the pages ... It is also a great tool to talk about feelings.' -- Kristin Guay, Youth Services Book Review 'Scary shadows, friends that don't share, shyness, moving, and such everyday childhood issues as wet pants, a lost tooth, and a parent's rushing them. No worry can last under a love umbrella ... Colpoys' striking illustrations, which combine an earth palette with day-glo highlights, effectively show love umbrellas both imagined and real.' * Kirkus Reviews * 'I love it! I didn't like anything the best - it's all good. I like the illustrations. They are cool. I like the page with the umbrella made out of stars.' -- Benjamin (aged 5) * Anorak * 'A meditation on parental love in all its forms, brought to life by a joyful neon palette.' * The Bookseller * 'A gorgeous book about the transformative power of family love in all its forms. Written in rhyming couplets, it reassures children that they are protected by an 'umbrella' of love wherever they go in the world and whatever they encounter ... a truly beautiful book.' * The Sun * 'The illustrations are very bright and I like that they embrace a diverse range of families and relationships ... I think we should all remember that we have a "love umbrella".' * Juno * 'This brightly illustrated picture book is a celebration of the enduring love that surrounds your children, wherever they are in the world. The families we meet represent the wonderful diversity that make our world what it is and show that there is nothing to fear from differences. It is also a reminder to children that love is around them, especially in times of worry or fear. This book is suitable for new parents and babies, as well as for children embarking on big changes and adventures, who may benefit from this lovely reminder of the permanence of love. A beautiful message to share with young children.' * Lovereading4kids * 'A truly charming book little ones will adore.' * Little London * 'Bright, expressive and featuring joyfully diverse illustration throughout, Under the Love Umbrella provides poetic reassurance that whatever happens, children will be protected and loved. Perfect for sharing at bedtime with cuddles.' * BookTrust * 'The enduring love between parent and child is celebrated in distinctive, vintage-inspired style.' * The Bookseller * 'A truly beautiful book.' * The Sun * 'Beautifully tender and life-affirming.' -- Nathan Filer, author of The Shock of the Fall 'Captivating neon illustrations add even more charm to this already delightful story. Under the Love Umbrella reminds children that comfort and love is ever-present, even when you are not near your family.' * Evening Standard *

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