Publication Date: 23/11/2018 ISBN: 9781911604471 Category:
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Two Men Went to Mow

Clive Gravett

Publisher: Unicorn Publishing Group
Publication Date: 23/11/2018 ISBN: 9781911604471 Category:



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Mr B’s Christmas Catalogue Review 2018

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly mown grass to evoke warm summer days, but our ability to cultivate velvety lawns without the need to employ an army of grass cutters was only made possible by the invention of the lawnmower in 1830 by Edwin Beard Budding. Thus our culture of lawn loving was born and Clive Gravett’s book is an entertaining celebration of all things turfy – from the smallest front garden to the flawless football pitch.


A story of two excessive men, born 157 years apart, both obsessed with the lawn mower. Edwin
Beard Budding 1796-1846 its ingenious inventor & Clive Gravett the author, whose passion for
the lawn mower & indeed its inventor has led to a Museum & Charity both dedicated to his hero,
not to mention his vast collection of mowers spanning 150 years.

This book tells the story of this world changing piece of machinery which has impacted on all
of our lives, in particular the many turf based sports, would Cristiano Ronaldo be earning his
millions if we were still using the scythe to cut grass?

We are taken on extraordinary & informative journey as the mower developed, linking in with
social history and indeed many famous and sometimes infamous people Osama Bin Laden for

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