Publication Date: 05/04/2018 ISBN: 9781786495051 Category:

Tony and Susan

Austin Wright

Publisher: Atlantic Books
Publication Date: 05/04/2018 ISBN: 9781786495051 Category:
Paperback / Softback




The car shrieked and stopped. Around its red and white light a cloud of smoke rose and dissolved. A door opened. A man got out, stood at the edge of the shoulder, looked back, a shadow, indistinguishable.

Fifteen years after their divorce, Susan Morrow receives a strange gift from her ex-husband: a manuscript that tells the story of a terrible crime, of an ambush on the highway, of a secluded cabin in the woods. It is a chilling tale of death and corruption, written by the man she once loved. Why, after so long, has he sent her such a disturbing and personal message?

Publisher Review

Absorbing, terrifying, beautiful and appalling. I loved it... Unforgettable. * Ruth Rendell * Marvellously written - the last thing you would expect in a story of blood and revenge. Beautiful. * Saul Bellow * A f***king masterpiece. I wish that Wright was still alive so that I could tell him so... It's going to become a living, breathing, knock-out classic. Astonishing. * M J Hyland * A masterful study of marriage, regret and the reader's role. * Financial Times * Astute, cunning and thrilling... This is one lost novel that deserves to be found by a whole new generation of readers * Independent on Sunday * Impressive, enigmatic, multi-layered * Sarah Waters * Tony and Susan is unbeatable * Observer * A superb and thrilling novel... Extraordinary * Ian McEwan *

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