Publication Date: 11/01/2024 ISBN: 9780241657966 Category:


Marc Zao-Sanders

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Publication Date: 11/01/2024 ISBN: 9780241657966 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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Discover the revolutionary practice of TIMEBOXING – guaranteed to optimize productivity in every aspect of your life

‘A masterclass in intentional living’ Nir Eyal, the author of Indistractable

‘It really works. If my Stanford students could read only one book this year, that would be Timeboxing’ BJ Fogg, the bestselling author of Tiny Habits

‘Timeboxing can help you get things done, but more importantly, it can help you do more of what you love’ Kim Scott, the bestselling author of Radical Candor


Do you feel like you’re always busy, but never truly productive?

Do you crave a simpler, more intentional life?

Every day we face a bewildering array of work and life choices but at any given moment it can be unclear what to focus our attention on. Timeboxing is the antidote to our contemporary decision fatigue and with this book you will discover the benefits of the gloriously simple practice of choosing one thing to do, when to do it, and getting it done.

In concise and easy to digest chapters, this book will dive deep into the discipline of timeboxing, explore the benefits of incorporating this time management practice into your daily life and most importantly, show you the tried and tested ways to make it a habit that sticks.

Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to productivity, and ultimately peace of mind, with timeboxing – because time well spent is a life well lived.


Publisher Review

Timeboxing can help you get things done, but more importantly, it can help you do more of what you love and less of what you hate. Zao-Sanders will explain to you how timeboxing the stuff you have to do but don't want to do as well as the things you do want to do will help you get more pleasure and less tedium out of life. As you internalize the lessons of this exceptionally wise book, you'll begin to feel the presence of a coach who's there with you every step of the way. -- Kim Scott, the bestselling author of 'Radical Candor' A masterclass in intentional living. This book on timeboxing is essential for anyone seeking focus in a distracted world. I've long championed the benefits of timeboxing, and Marc's book brings it to life. -- Nir Eyal, the author of 'Indistractable' This brilliant book will teach you how to stop trying to do too much, so that you can actually get more done! Bound to become a classic in the productivity literature. -- Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, the author of 'The Talent Illusion' and 'I, Human' Now more than ever effective focus is a problem many, probably most of us feel. We are confused and overwhelmed on a daily basis. This smart and engaging book presents a deceptively simple, subtly powerful technique for structuring our lives and work to actually get things done. It's a revelation. -- Michael Bhaskar, the author of 'Curation' and 'Human Frontiers' Timeboxing is an eminently practical book that changed my habits almost immediately-and also changed the way It think about time itself. It helped me organize my life around the people and things that matter most, and gave me a practical guide for doing so. Box time on your calendar right now to read this book. -- Luke Burgis, the author of 'Wanting' and 'Unrepeatable' Constraint=Freedom. In Timeboxing, Marc Zao-Sanders explores the why behind constraining your time as well as the practical details of how to make it happen. The goal isn't to live a rigid existence but instead a life vibrant with intention and full of what truly matters to you. If you feel like you're floating through life without a plan, read this book. -- Elizabeth Grace Saunders, the author of 'Divine Time Management' Timeboxing is a delight. The book is interesting and practical. Each chapter serves a purpose. Best of all, the method really works. For over 30 years I've sought to optimize my work and my life. I thought I had things pretty much figured out. But then I read Timeboxing. The impact was immediate and dramatic. My new habit of timeboxing each morning has lifted me to a new level of focus, calm, and productivity. We all can benefit from more focus and more impact. That's exactly what Timeboxing offers. The short chapters are well organized and easy to read. You can use the techniques immediately to boost productivity with less stress each day. If my Stanford students could read only one book this year, I'd want it to be Timeboxing by Marc Zao-Sanders. -- BJ Fogg, the bestselling author of 'Tiny Habits'

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