Publication Date: 18/06/2010 ISBN: 9781846590863 Category:

The Waterproof Bible

Andrew Kaufman

Publisher: Saqi Books
Publication Date: 18/06/2010 ISBN: 9781846590863 Category:
Paperback / Softback




Rebecca has a most unusual problem: no matter how hard she tries, she can’t stop broadcasting her feelings to people around her. Luckily, she’s discovered how to trap and store her feelings in personal objects – but just how much emotional baggage can Unit 207, E.Z Self Storage hold?

Lewis is grieving for his wife, Lisa, Rebecca’s sister. Inconsolable, he skips Lisa’s funeral, flies to Winnipeg, gets a haircut and meets a woman who claims to be God.

At the wheel of stolen Honda Civic is Aberystwyth, aka Aby, driving across Canada to save the soul of her dying mother. She is green, gill-necked, and very comfortable out of water.

An unexpected encounter with Aby seys off a chain of events which sends each of them on a personal quest. Can Rebecca, Lewis, Aby find redemption before a terrible flood destroys their chance at happiness?

A charming tale about love and the power of forgiveness.

Publisher Review

'A quirky, tender, fantastical page-turner' The Globe and Mail; 'Kaufman is in total control of his universe. He does not put quotation marks on either the realistic or fantastic, and the transition between the two states is always smooth.' Brian Joseph David, Eye Weekly; 'Elegantly written literary novel, packed with plot ... How it plays out, as opposed to what it may finally mean, is Kaufman's chief achievement, as [is] his fluid technique in crosscutting the strands of the novel into its many resolutions.' Winnipeg Free Press; 'Those who enjoyed All My Friends Are Superheroes ... should be similarly taken with his sophomore effort, The Waterproof Bible, which retains the romance, humour and inventive allegory of the earlier book.' Quill & Quire

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