Publication Date: 06/10/2022 ISBN: 9781781259139 Category:

The War of Nerves

Martin Sixsmith

Publisher: Profile Books Ltd
Publication Date: 06/10/2022 ISBN: 9781781259139 Category:
Paperback / Softback




‘Essential … endlessly fascinating … to read Sixsmith is to want to read more Sixsmith’ Forbes

More than any other conflict, the Cold War was fought on the battlefield of the human mind. And, nearly thirty years since the collapse of the Soviet Union, its legacy still endures – not only in our politics, but in our own thoughts, and fears.

Drawing on a vast array of untapped archives and unseen sources, Martin Sixsmith vividly recreates the tensions and paranoia of the Cold War, framing it for the first time from a psychological perspective. Revisiting towering personalities like Khrushchev, Kennedy and Nixon, as well as the lives of the unknown millions who were caught up in the conflict, this is a gripping account of fear itself – and in today’s uncertain times, it is more resonant than ever.

Publisher Review

An ambitious study of the cold war ... filled with fascinating insights into the psychology of one of the most dangerous periods in world history ... illuminating -- P.D. James * Guardian * There have been many histories of the cold war, but the virtue and originality of Mr Sixsmith's is to see almost every aspect of the stand-off in psychological terms * Economist * Written with exemplary clarity and full of succulent anecdotes ... Sixsmith's huge canvas encompasses the Space Race, the motivations of the Cambridge spies, and the details of Project MK Ultra * Daily Telegraph * [Sixsmith] has found another way of telling the story of the Cold War, one that laces history with the mind games that were played by both sides ... a good read ... peppered with anecdote, archival nuggets and short flashes of insight ... The book stands out from other Cold War narratives by its introduction of psychological theorising ... It was time for a vivid popular history of the Cold War, and this is it. -- Roger Boyes * The Times * Essential ... endlessly fascinating ... to read Sixsmith is to want to read more Sixsmith * Forbes * This fascinating study of Cold War psychology also has much to teach us about contemporary tensions -- Vin Arthey * Scotsman * Praise for Martin Sixsmith: 'Sixsmith has the knack of delivering complex material with a clear voice * The Times * A lively chronicle -- Orlando Figes * Sunday Times * Russia, a 1,000 Year Chronicle of the Wild East contains many of the required ingredients to become the leading popular history of Russia. Colloquial, personal and anecdotal in style ... well researched and factually sound. * TLS * Russia delivers a thoroughly satisfying history...a lively opinionated narrative. * Publishers Weekly *

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