Publication Date: 14/05/2019 ISBN: 9781785658983 Category:

The Vinyl Detective – Flip Back

Andrew Cartmel

Publisher: Titan Books Ltd
Publication Date: 14/05/2019 ISBN: 9781785658983 Category:
Paperback / Softback




The fourth book in the hilarious and enthralling Vinyl Detective mystery series. “Like an old 45rpm record, this book crackles with brilliance.” David Quantick on Written in Dead Wax It’s all Tinkler’s fault. If it weren’t for his obsession with the 1970s electric folk band, Black Dog, none of this would have happened.

At the height of their success, the members of Black Dog invited journalists to Holy Island, a desolate island off the northeast coast of England, to an infamous publicity stunt: they burned a million pounds on an enormous bonfire. But the stunt backfired, and tensions between the band members exploded, splitting the band for good, and increasing the value of their final, recalled album tenfold. It is this album that Tinkler’s got his eye on.
The Vinyl Detective and Nevada accept the challenge to hunt a copy down for Tinkler, but soon realize that the search for this record is going to be their most dangerous yet.

Narrowly avoiding a killing spree, negotiating deranged Black Dog fans, and being pursued by hack journalist Stinky Stamner and his camera crew, they discover that perhaps all was not as it seemed on Holy Island–and that in the embers of that fire are clues of a motive for murder…

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