Publication Date: 29/09/2023 ISBN: 9781786225252 Category:

The Vanishing Song

Jay Hulme

Publisher: Canterbury Press Norwich
Publication Date: 29/09/2023 ISBN: 9781786225252 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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In The Vanishing Song, trans Christian poet Jay Hulme goes in search of what is all but lost in contemporary faith, the ‘beautiful and holy and wild’ way of the saints, and the alluring, perplexing mystery of the places they chose for themselves – forests, caves, rocky outcrops in the sea.

Revelling in the untamed nature of creation and the holiness that is to be found there, these poems celebrate and summon the spirit of those who did unhinged things for God, in order that we might recover a sense of uncontrollable wonder and the danger of the divine as well as its beauty. The Vanishing Song is a call of the wild to faith that is adventurous and unafraid.

Publisher Review

'Some things can only be expressed in poetry. Jay Hulme's poems offer otherwise inexpressible truth. My head is bursting with their beauty as they awaken in their reader that of which they speak.' -- Claire Gilbert, author of I Julian 'An astonishing collection, at the same time humorous and tender, joyous and sensitive, exploring aspects of the divine from a deeply human perspective.' -- Joanne Harris 'These shatteringly beautiful poems testify that life, death and resurrection are always tightly entangled, and that God will persist after all the stones and bones have crumbled.' -- Professor Susannah Cornwall 'Jay makes the numinous real.' -- Dr Nicolete Burbach

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