Publication Date: 06/05/2021 ISBN: 9781786899903 Category:

The Time-Thief

Patience Agbabi

Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd
Publication Date: 06/05/2021 ISBN: 9781786899903 Category:
Paperback / Softback




It’s midsummer’s day and thirteen-year-old Elle and her Leapling classmates are visiting the Museum of the Past, the Present and the Future. But on the day of the school trip, disaster strikes, and the most unique and valuable piece in the museum, the Infinity-Glass, is stolen! And worse still, Elle’s friend and fellow Infinite, MC(2), is arrested for the crime!

To prove his innocence Elle must leap back centuries in time, to a London very different from today. Along the way she will meet new friends, face dangers unlike any she has ever known, and face an old enemy who is determined to destroy her. Can Elle find the missing Infinity-Glass and return it to its rightful home before it’s too late?

Publisher Review

An ingenious, exhilarating adventure -- SOPHIE ANDERSON, author of THE HOUSE WITH CHICKEN LEGS An adventure so thrilling it makes time fly! -- BEN MILLER, author of THE BOY WHO MADE THE WORLD DISAPPEAR A time-travel mystery that manages to incorporate criminal masterminds, neurodivergence, racial inequalities, intertemporal friendships and Samuel Johnson - all narrated in Elle's exuberant and energetic voice. Even better than The Infinite! Loved it! -- FLEUR HITCHCOCK, author of THE BOY WHO FLEW In The Time-Thief, Agbabi has written a second instalment to the Leap Cycle series that even exceeds the first. Elle is a delightful character to follow: not just a well-rounded heroine with a unique set of beautiful insights, but also an important example of meaningful representation in a literary arena where Black autistic girls are rarely represented. In reading The Time-Thief you also get a clear sense of how much Agbabi loves creative wordplay, as she tells a gripping time-travel story that keeps you guessing, while clearly having fun with the English language along the way! A creative, imaginative novel with a fascinating lead character -- CHRIS BONNELLO, author of UNDERDOGS What a delight to be back in the company of Elle and her Infinite friends. The Time-Thief is chock-full of wicked wordplay and time-travelling conundrums, but also a breathlessly paced thriller. Time disappears while reading this book, so Agbabi actually proves that time travel is real -- STEVE TASANE, author of CHILD I The Time-Thief pulses to its own thrillingly original beat. An exhilarating, intelligent and twisty time-travelling mystery -- SINEAD O'HART, author of THE EYE OF THE NORTH The Time-Thief is a gripping and thought-provoking zigzag across time and across London for children from all ages! -- S.I. MARTIN, author of INCOMPARABLE WORLD A wonderful time-travelling adventure that fizzes with thrills and ideas -- CHRISTOPHER EDGE, author of THE LONGEST NIGHT OF CHARLIE NOON An adventurous, thoughtful sequel to The Infinite with great characters and an excellent Samuel Johnson appearance -- ELLE McNICOLL, author of A KIND OF SPARK Who hasn't ever wanted to travel through time? The Time-Thief, Patience Agbabi's wonderfully imaginative tale of "Leaplings" - who actually can - is fun, exciting and tells you something about 1752 you absolutely need to know . . . I loved seeing the past through the eyes of thirteen-year-old Elle as she chases a thief across time and encounters fascinating historical figures who still have something to teach us -- LINDA BUCKLEY-ARCHER, author of THE GIDEON TRILOGY

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