Publication Date: 24/03/2021 ISBN: 9781913097301 Category:

The Things We’ve Seen

Agustin Fernandez Mallo, Thomas Bunstead

Publisher: Fitzcarraldo Editions
Publication Date: 24/03/2021 ISBN: 9781913097301 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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THE THINGS WE’VE SEEN, a novel in three parts, is Agustin Fernandez Mallo’s most ambitious and accomplished novel
to date. A writer travels to the small, uninhabited island of San Simon, used as a Franquist concentration camp during
the Spanish Civil War. There, he witnesses events which impel him on a journey across several continents, chasing the
phantoms of nameless people devastated by violence. In the second part we meet Kurt Montana, the fourth astronaut
who secretly accompanied Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins on their mythical first voyage to the moon.
Now living in Miami, an ageing Kurt revisits the important chapters of his life, from serving in the Vietnam War to his
memory of seeing earth from space. In the final section, a woman embarks on a walking tour of the Normandy coast with
the goal of re-enacting, step by step, the memory of another trip taken years before. On her journey along the rugged
coastline, she comes across thousands of refugees newly arrived on Europe’s shores. Described as the novel David Lynch
and W. G. Sebald might have written had they joined forces to explore the B-side of reality, THE THINGS WE’VE SEEN is a
remarkable novel for our disjointed times.

‘THE THINGS WE’VE SEEN confirms Fernandez Mallo as one of the best writers in Spanish, with an absolutely unique style and
fictional world.’
– Jorge Carrion, New York Times in Spanish

Publisher Review

'A narrative conception that transforms the reality of the past century into a fiction replete with unusual images combining poetry and science, history and politics. A moving structure animated by sporting ambitions, the novel traces out a tragicomic map of our contemporary world.' -- The jury of the Biblioteca Breve Prize 2018 'War Trilogy confirms Fernandez Mallo as one of the leading Spanish-language writers today, a master of a style and of a world each absolutely his own.' -- Jorge Carrion, New York Times in Spanish, Top 10 Novels of 2018 'One of the most significant Spanish novels of the last decade.' -- La Tercera 'War Trilogy is the Galician poet and novelist's most ambitious work to date. A novel of ideas that melds literary forms in order to discuss time, silence, and the itinerant, migrant character of all humankind, not to mention love. A map of the contemporary world.' -- Winston Manrique, WMagazine 'A gradual weaving together goes on between the triptych that forms the Trilogy, and a point comes at which the poetry of the whole dawns -- erupts -- on the reader. In that moment, the turbid layers of technology and discourse that occlude the past fall from your eyes. Somewhere between archaeologists and technophiliacs, and simultaneously bearers of all of Europe's long past, the characters in War Trilogy return from places where time stands still, as though they have been plunged into the void or some place where time simply does not pertain.' -- Clarin

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