Publication Date: 09/11/2023 ISBN: 9781838933616 Category:

The Temple of Fortuna

Elodie Harper

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Publication Date: 09/11/2023 ISBN: 9781838933616 Category:



The final instalment in Elodie Harper’s Sunday Times bestselling Wolf Den Trilogy

A courtesan in Rome. Playing for power. Haunted by her past. Her name is Amara. How will her fortunes fall?

Amara’s journey has taken her far, from a lowly slave in Pompeii’s brothel to a high-powered courtesan in Rome. She is now a freedwoman with wealth and influence, yet she is still drawn back to her past.

For while Amara is caught up in the political scheming of the Imperial palace, her daughter remains in Pompeii, raised by the only man she ever truly loved. Although she longs for her family, Amara knows they are safest while she is far away. Perhaps, with enough cunning and courage, she will manage to turn Fortuna’s wheel in their favour.

But the year is ad 79, and Mount Vesuvius is preparing to make itself known…

The Temple of Fortuna is the dramatic final instalment in Elodie Harper’s Sunday Times-bestselling Wolf Den trilogy, which reimagines the lives of women who have long been overlooked.

Praise for the Wolf Den Trilogy:

‘Captivating’ Jennifer Saint
‘Vibrant and thrilling’ Observer
‘Beautiful’ Susan Stokes-Chapman
‘Richly imagined’ Louise O’Neill
‘Spell-binding’ Anna Mazzola
‘One-of-a-kind’ Red Magazine
‘Triumphant’ Luna McNamara

Publisher Review

Elodie Harper has concluded this trilogy in the most perfect way imaginable. She sweeps the reader into the world of ancient Rome and Pompeii so effortlessly – we are there, utterly absorbed in every detail…[it is] unbelievably beautiful, emotional and powerful. As someone who has been so invested in Amara’s journey since we met her in the Lupanar in the first book, I was on tenterhooks to see how her story would end. Now I feel bereft that the series is complete and there is no more. — Jennifer Saint The perfect balance of tension and hope make The Temple of Fortuna an unputdownable read. With Harper’s trademark eye for character, dynamic, and drama, readers are sure to enjoy this triumphant conclusion to one of the most original historical fiction trilogies of our time. — Luna McNamara Once again Elodie Harper has delivered a truly captivating novel where the destruction of Pompeii is vividly realised amid the epic and satisfying climax to Amara’s powerful journey. A stunning final instalment and an absolute triumph! I loved it. — Susan Stokes-Chapman The Temple of Fortuna combines the breakneck pace of an unputdownable thriller with the heart of a love story in which Elodie’s female characters remain fiercely and resolutely themselves within a society and geography that seeks to crush them. Although steeped in the sex, violence and decay of Pompeii, the characters leap from the page with all the fire and fury of modern women without ever feeling anachronistic. The conclusion was perfect. I loved it.’ — Caroline Lea Is Elodie Harper a time traveller? It would help explain The Temple of Fortuna’s brilliance – the meticulous level of detail, how richly the world of Pompeii is brought to life, the vivid reenactment of the disaster which befalls it. This book is superb – I couldn’t put it down.’ — Louise O’Neill This series has completely consumed me. Elodie Harper conjures the ancient world onto the page in vivid, immersive detail and weaves a thoroughly compelling story of courage, hope and bonds worth fighting for. — Bea Fitzgerald Utterly original, vibrant and unflinching, this is one of my favourite trilogies ever written. Harper has done something extraordinary: she has shown us a world we thought we already knew, but through the lenses of characters whose voices we had never heard. Her research is richly detailed, bringing to life a world where beauty and brutality always coexisted. Amara, Britannica, Philos, Victoria and Berenice will stay with me for a long time. — Costanza Casati An empowering, explosive finale to the awe-inspiring Wolf Den trilogy, The Temple of Fortuna crafts an unforgettable ending to a story I have been completely enchanted by… a must-read. — Nikita Gill ‘A stunning conclusion to a brilliant series’ — Anna Mazzola [A] remarkable trilogy… a thrilling conclusion to one of the best historical fiction trilogies since Hilary Mantel — Antonia Senior * The Times *

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