Publication Date: 17/02/2020 ISBN: 9781786275226 Category:

The Story of Trees

Kevin Hobbs, David West

Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
Publication Date: 17/02/2020 ISBN: 9781786275226 Category:




“Wonderful stories and in-depth information you will normally never find in books about trees.” – Piet Oudolf, Landscape Designer and creator of the planting design for New York’s High Line

“Entwining fascinating facts about 100 trees with inspiring stories of their importance to ancient civilizations, trade, religious and pagan beliefs, wellbeing and medicinal uses over the ages, this delightful and well-researched book provokes curiosity on every page.” – Dr. Alexandra Wagstaffe, Eden Project Learning

The Story of Trees takes the reader on a visual journey from some of the earliest known tree species on our planet to the latest fruit cultivars.

The chosen trees have all had a profound effect on the planet and humankind. Starting with the Ginkgo Biloba, fossils of which date back 270 million years, we learn about how trees came to be integral to the development of our species, and how specific trees have become important religious, political, and cultural symbols.

With beautiful illustrations by Thibaud Herem and fascinating botanical facts and figures, this book will appeal to tree lovers from all over the world.

“Within these pages, we hope to inform and inspire those who already have a love of trees, as well as those who otherwise may have taken them for granted. The Story of Treesis our story, but also that of our ancestors. It is about our relationship with some of the world’s most important trees, both on a local scale and globally. With so many trees to choose from, we have endeavored to feature those that have been, and in most cases continue to be, of cultural and practical value to humankind.”
– From the Introduction of The Story of Trees

Publisher Review

"A fascinating book on just how trees have changed the way we live." -- - Sunday Express "An engaging, digestible take on the tree anthology; drawing together arboreal histories, attractive illustrations and a few surprises along the way." -- - Gardens Illustrated "Well researched and full off interesting facts and figures linking history, folklore, economics and horticulture (...) a fascinating and attractive read." -- - RHS The Plant Review

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