Publication Date: 08/10/2020 ISBN: 9781912408870 Category:

The State of the World Atlas

Dan Smith

Publisher: Myriad Editions
Publication Date: 08/10/2020 ISBN: 9781912408870 Category:
Paperback / Softback




In a world governed by ‘fake news’ and where world leaders are dismissing ‘facts’, this statistically meticulous presentation of trends is vitally important to understand the world today.

A milestone of graphic reporting, this groundbreaking ‘atlas with attitude’ keeps pace with the speed of change with informed analysis and graphically analyses every key indicator and vital statistic of modern life. New topics for this 10th edition include:
Climate change: Impact on human health and security, different scenarios, and the time left to change course
Terrorism: Number of terrorist attacks in each country
Weapons of mass destruction: Chemical weapons use in Syria
Peace: Agreements reached across the years
Democracy: Spread of democracy around the world
Minorities: Peoples under threat
Big business: Panama and Paradise papers, and dirty business

* Around 258 million people live outside the country of their birth
*14% of the world’s children are economically active
*Violence is estimated to cost the world $8.3 trillion a year. Less than half of this would meet the UN’s development goals by 2023
* USA: nearly 40 million people a year depend the Feeding America network for help
* UK: the Trussell Trust handed out 1.6 million food packages in 2018/19

Publisher Review

'Unique and uniquely beautiful... A single map here tells us more about the world today than a dozen abstracts or scholarly tomes.'-Los Angeles Times These are the bad dreams of the modern world, given color and shape and submitted to a grid that can be grasped instantaneously.-New York Times Outspoken cataloguing of global oppressions and inequities, painstakingly sourced.- Independent on Sunday Packed with fascinating facts and figures on everything from the international drugs industry to climate change.-Evening Standard A political reference book which manages to translate hard, boring statistics into often shocking visual statements... required reading.-NME A striking new approach to cartography.-International Herald Tribune

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