Publication Date: 23/10/2018 ISBN: 9781786891525 Category:
Featured in Mr B's 2018 Christmas Catalogue

The Snooty Bookshop

Tom Gauld

Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd
Publication Date: 23/10/2018 ISBN: 9781786891525 Category:



Mr B's review

Mr B’s Christmas Catalogue Review 2018

Bookish cartoonist extraordinaire Tom Gauld is back with this book of fifty hilarious literary images that doubles up as a collection of tear-off postcards with which to bombard your book-nut friends. From mice expiring before hibernation time because they just wanted to get Ulysses finished, to a library with a bay dedicated to poetry by left-handed Scandinavians, the foibles of the book world and book obsessiveness are celebrated and teased in equal measure.


Tom Gauld has created countless iconic strips for the Guardian over the course of his illustrious career. A master of condensing grand, highbrow themes into panel comics, his weekly strips embody his trademark sense of humour while simultaneously opening comics to an audience unfamiliar with the artistry that cartooning has to offer. Funny but serious, these comics allow Gauld to put his impressive knowledge of history, literature and pop culture on full display – his impeccable timing and distinctive visual style setting him apart from the rest.

This postcard set celebrates more than a decade of Gauld’s contributions to the Guardian, with fifty of his most beloved strips, on everything from Samuel Beckett’s sitcom pitches (such as Waiting for Kramer, a show where two men await the arrival of a man named Kramer who never comes), ‘Procrastination for Creative Writers, a 10-Week Course’ and ‘Poetry Anthologies for People Who Don’t Like Poems’. Witty and beautifully drawn, The Snooty Bookshop will make you laugh at least fifty times, guaranteed.

Publisher Review

PRAISE FOR THE WORKS OF TOM GAULD: A collection of brilliantly off-the-wall cartoons * * Daily Mail * * Tom Gauld might just be the Edward Gorey of our time, channelling his wry humour and macabre aesthetic through exquisite black-and-white illustrations — MARIA POPOVA Each single-page piece is a clever, funny, slightly bonkers riff on a literary theme . . . Sublime * * The Times * * One of the best cartoonists around! * * BoingBoing * * Heartwarming * * Guardian * * At once hilarious and achingly melancholy . . . A quietly essential read * * Wired * * His economical art . . . is married to dry, incisive humor, making each strip a carefully composed marvel * * Publishers Weekly * * The ironic takes on key moments in history and literature (Armstrong on the moon, Cathy and Heathcliff wandering the moor) will certainly elicit a few laughs * * Vogue * * Gauld’s deceptively simple panels and sparse, understated dialogue speak poetically . . . Gauld finds humour and hope – as well as coffee and doughnuts – in his portrait of a fading utopia * * Guardian * * Precise and wryly hilarious * * NPR * *

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