Publication Date: 28/09/2023 ISBN: 9781800785090 Category:

The Silver Road

Sinead O'Hart

Publisher: Templar Publishing
Publication Date: 28/09/2023 ISBN: 9781800785090 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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An unforgettable adventure drawing on Irish folklore, from award-winning author Sinead O’Hart.

The seandraiocht – the Old Magic – isn’t remembered like it once was. Its power is fading…

When Rose is entrusted with a powerful stone by a Frost Giant, she is swept into an adventure full of danger. The stone can be used for great good or great evil, depending on its keeper. It leads Rose to discover the magic that runs through all of Ireland. A magic that is threaded together beneath the land: the Silver Road. But the Silver Road is under threat.

Now Rose must keep the stone from falling into the wrong hands and embark on a quest to find its rightful owner and keep the magic alive . . .


A stunning new book for children aged 9 and up, drawing on Celtic folklore. Perfect for fans of Catherine Doyle and Ross Montgomery.

[The Silver Road by Sinead O’Hart was featured as an Irish Times Best Children’s Book of 2023 on 26th November 2023 and as an Irish Independent Best Irish kids’ book of 2023 on 2nd December 2023.]

Publisher Review

Steeped in rich mythology and distinctly Irish in all the best possible ways, The Silver Road is a thrilling tale of bravery, unlikely friendships, and new beginnings. * Joseph Elliott, author of THE GOOD HAWK * Sinead O'Hart's finest piece of work to-date, masterfully and respectfully weaving the powerful lore of Ireland's ancient past with a modern-day story brimming with heart and adventure. A powerful, intense and dazzling saga, magically bridging the gap between the ancient past and life as we know it today. Pure gold. * Eve McDonnell, author of THE CHESTNUT ROASTER * I read The Silver Road gripped, heart in my mouth, as Rose's journey into a world of old magic unfolded. Readers of all ages will treasure this tale, that establishes Sinead O'Hart as one of the great storytellers of modern children's classics, reminiscent of Susan Cooper, Alan Garner and Garth Nix. Readers will adore following the wonderful Catshee into a world of myth and magic. This is a timely exploration of how our ancient connection to the old stories is also our connection to the natural world, and a sacred thread that in turn connects us back to ourselves. O'Hart reminds us that this thread must never be broken. * Sarah Driver, author of THE HUNTRESS trilogy * A magical adventure that catapults ancient Irish mythology into the 21st century, with a heroine full of heart and courage, all stitched together, like The Silver Road of the title, with themes of friendship, family and environmental conservation. O' Hart's writing sings from the pages, like a love song for old Ireland, remixed for a modern generation. My children's book of the year. Phenomenal. * Kieran Fanning, author of IRISH FAIRYTALES, MYTHS AND LEGENDS * Sinead O'Hart's best book yet. The Silver Road is a breathtaking journey through the magic and myths of Ireland, shining like the Road itself. Casting the same sort of magical spell as Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising, I expect The Silver Road to become one of those classic books that children and adults return to time and time again. * Katharine Corr, author of DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS * This is brilliant, elk-galloping storytelling and weaves together the parallel worlds of Rose's struggles with a new secondary school and her discovery of ancient magic and the forces of evil. The Silver Road is an absolute breathtaking page turner, but as you cling on for the ride it also makes you think about the big, universal themes of friendship, environmental destruction and the importance of stories that are passed down through generations. * Kate Wilkinson, author of EDIE AND THE BOX OF FLITS * This is a special kind of book. It's absorbing, captivating, and exquisitely written - everything a children's book should be. Nothing has consumed me quite like this since The Dark Is Rising series by Susan Cooper. It's heady, thrilling, timeless. And Sinead has some of the magic, herself. * Rachel Delahaye, author of MORT THE MEEK * Wonderful. Hart skilfully mixes Irish mythology and old magic with the new to create an outstanding tale of courage, bravery and friendship. * Julie Sykes, author of UNICORN ACADEMY * The Silver Road is a thrilling tale of Irish legends come to life. It has everything you could possibly want in a children's novel packed into a fast-paced narrative - a call to adventure for an unlikely hero, a school bully you hope will get her come-uppance, a loyal group of magical allies, and a roller-coaster ride of a magical ending that will have you on the edge of your seat. This is an absolute must for school libraries, legend lovers, and anyone who enjoys an exciting tale of peril and bravery. * Victoria Williamson, author of THE BOY WITH THE BUTTERFLY MIND * Packed with magic, mythology and magnificent mayhem, this is a wonderful story drawing on Ireland's rich and ancient language and legends. O'Hart's deep knowledge of Irish mythology, history and language as well as her sparkling imagination make this a unique and stunning read. The Silver Road has all the makings of a classic. It's a roller-coaster of a story for fantasy lovers, big and small! * Serena Molloy, author of WIDER THAN THE SEA *

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