Publication Date: 05/08/2021 ISBN: 9781473615151 Category:

The Silver Collar

Antonia Hodgson

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Publication Date: 05/08/2021 ISBN: 9781473615151 Category:
Paperback / Softback





‘A triumph . . . leaves the reader hungry for more’ Andrew Taylor

Autumn, 1728.

Life is good for Thomas Hawkins and Kitty Sparks in their home above the Cocked Pistol, Kitty’s wickedly disreputable bookshop. But when Tom is attacked by a street gang, he discovers there’s a price on his head.

Who wants him dead – and why?

For Tom and Kitty, the answer is only the beginning of the nightmare.

Powerful, deeply immersive, The Silver Collar is both a celebration of love and friendship, and a terrifying exploration of evil.

‘One of the best crime series out there . . . a dark and addictive story of slavery and long-hidden secrets’

‘The wonderful Thomas Hawkins crime novels . . . [Fans] are in for a treat – gripping’ The Times

‘Beautifully written and packed with atmosphere, wit, and historical details. I didn’t want it to end’ Daily Mirror

‘Antonia Hodgson is right up in the first division of historical crime’ Amanda Craig

Publisher Review

Praise for The Silver Collar: The Silver Collar is a triumph, a fine addition to a historical crime series that gets better with every book. Antonia Hodgson gives us dark melodrama with wit, and a driving narrative with impeccable research. It's a rare combination, and it leaves the reader hungry for more * Andrew Taylor * Set at a blistering pace, The Silver Collar is a wholly entertaining thriller. Brimming with equal parts wit and evil, Antonia Hodgson's unforgettable characters leap into a dangerous adventure. I loved every tension-filled page * Kate Mayfield * Written with flair, sly wit, and a meticulous eye for detail . . . The Silver Collar takes us into the dark heart of colonial slavery, making this one of the most topical books of the year . . . Thrilling * Vaseem Khan * The inimitable Thomas Hawkins is back, and I am so glad he is. In Antonia Hodgson's tale of revenge, love, and the nature of evil, the reader is taken on a breath-taking journey into the darkest corners of Hogarthian London. At turns witty, savage, and deeply moving, this is a glorious book - I couldn't put it down * Sophia Tobin * A brilliant, moving novel that takes us to some very dark places in our history - but which also succeeds in being very witty and entertaining * SD Sykes * Not just a superb thriller but very topical too. Antonia's novels have cheered and entertained me like nothing else during lockdown, and the return to a plot about somebody in captivity felt appropriate as well. Her characters are so strongly drawn, and her feel for the period, sense of humour, compassion and ability to create heart-stopping suspense put her right up in the first division of historical crime * Amanda Craig * Beautifully written and packed with atmosphere, wit and historical details, I didn't want it to end. And in shining an uncomfortable light on colonial slavery, it's also timely and relevant * The Daily Mirror * This clever novel gives a brilliant picture of both London and Antigua in the early 18th century, when slavery provided huge profits for many Englishmen. . . There is humour as well as impressive research and convincing horror here * Literary Review * Hodgson once again shows what a skilful writer of historical thrillers she is * The Sunday Times * It has been a long wait, but fans of Thomas Hawkins and Kitty Sparks should rejoice as Hodgson makes a wonderful return with a dark tale of kidnap, slavery and seduction * The i * Fourth instalment of the wonderful Thomas Hawkins crime novels . . . [Fans] are in for a treat - this instalment is gripping * The Times * With bawdy humour and a breakneck pace set against a brilliantly evoked 18th-century backdrop, who needs a Tardis? Read this to feel like you're truly travelling back in time * The Sunday Times S Magazine * Throws readers right back into the grimy, stinking streets of 18th Century London * BBC History Magazine * Hodgson's rollicking Tom Hawkins novels are among the best crime series out there thanks to her irrepressible hero and his equally likeable partner, Kitty. This fourth book is a dark and addictive story of slavery and long-hidden secrets in which the often-harrowing central story is lightened by some great set pieces and acerbic one-liners. * iNews * This is a book to savour. A thrilling journey through the squalor & splendour of Georgian London, bristling with threat & memorable characters * Erin Young * Praise for Death at Fountains Abbey: A tale that more than matches its predecessors for pace and atmosphere. * The Sunday Times * Through an admirable amount of research the award-winning author has used real people, events and settings to create a delightfully enjoyable standalone thriller. It crackles with wit and charm and cements Hawkins' place as the most lovable rogue in historical fiction. * Express Online * I love Antonia Hodgson's slightly wicked sense of humour and it's put to good use here and her clear affection for Tom and Kitty and Sam, as well as her enthusiasm for the period, is infectious. This is such a strong series and I hope it goes on and on. * For Winter Nights * Antonia Hodgson weaves a fantastic tale of both fact and fiction and emerges with a thoroughly enjoyable romp of a story. * Nudge * A cracking murder mystery . . . The writing is clever, witty, eloquent and gripping, a real pleasure to read . . . you can almost feel that you are living in 18th century London. Historical fiction fans will lap this up, as did I. * Breakaway Reviewers *

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