Publication Date: 09/02/2023 ISBN: 9781838956066 Category:

The Silence Project

Carole Hailey

Publisher: Atlantic Books
Publication Date: 09/02/2023 ISBN: 9781838956066 Category:





‘Engrossing and original, political and unpredictable, The Silence Project will get people talking’ Bernardine Evaristo

Monster. Martyr. Mother.

On Emilia Morris’s thirteenth birthday, her mother Rachel moves into a tent at the bottom of their garden. From that day on, she never says another word. Inspired by her vow of silence, other women join her and together they build the Community. Eight years later, Rachel and thousands of her followers around the world burn themselves to death.

In the aftermath of what comes to be known as the Event, the Community’s global influence quickly grows. As a result, the whole world has an opinion about Rachel – whether they see her as a callous monster or a heroic martyr – but Emilia has never voiced hers publicly. Until now.

When she publishes her own account of her mother’s life in a memoir called The Silence Project, Emilia also decides to reveal just how sinister the Community has become. In the process, she steps out of Rachel’s shadow once and for all, so that her own voice may finally be heard.

Readers can’t stop shouting about The Silence Project:

‘A true masterpiece’ *****
‘One hell of a book!’ *****
‘Had me hooked’ *****
‘Red-hot’ *****
‘I don’t think I’ve ever read a books as quickly’ *****
‘Gave me the shivers’ *****

Publisher Review

Carole Hailey has conjured a gripping tale of transformation; its protagonist's clear-eyed, arresting voice is impossible to ignore. This striking debut grounds itself in a world we recognize in order to invite us to imagine both darkness - and hope. The Silence Project marks the arrival of a sophisticated and compelling new voice. -- Erica Wagner Totally unique, gripping, compelling and immersive -- Nell Hudson, author of Just For Today Compulsive reading ... so timely in its considerations of the ownership of narrative and truth -- Jane Fraser, author of Advent A big novel, a story for our age that asks the central question: how to save an endangered world when there can no longer be heroes? Love and power burn through The Silence Project. A terrifying and beautiful coming of age story. What an achievement! -- Isabelle Dupuy author of Living the Dream A gripping, intelligent, multi-layered triumph -- Andy Charman, author of Crow Court A ferociously smart page turner, exploring how idealism curdles into fanaticism, silence into violence. Brilliantly original and inventive. -- Alan Bilton, author of The Known and Unknown Sea Arresting ... pins down the zeigeist as if with a rivet gun and is so good on the subject of cults that it might well become the focus one. Bravo. -- Jon Gower

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