Publication Date: 07/01/2021 ISBN: 9781529112092 Category:

The Shapeless Unease

Samantha Harvey

Publisher: Vintage Publishing
Publication Date: 07/01/2021 ISBN: 9781529112092 Category:
Paperback / Softback




**Featured on BBC Radio 4’s A Good Read**

‘A profound meditation on language and loss and time, and on how we construct ourselves through stories. And it’s painful. And it’s beautiful. And I love it.’ NATHAN FLIER

Samantha Harvey’s insomnia arrived, seemingly, from nowhere; for a year she has spent her nights chasing sleep that rarely comes. She’s tried everything to appease it. Nothing is helping.

What happens when one of the basic human needs goes unmet? For Samantha Harvey, extreme sleep deprivation resulted in a raw clarity about life itself. Original and profound, The Shapeless Unease is a startlingly insightful exploration of memory, writing and influence, death and grief, and the will to survive.

‘A delight to read… ineffably rewarding’ OBSERVER

‘Easily one of the truest and best books I’ve read about what it’s like to be alive now, in this country’ MAX PORTER

‘How can a book about a sensual deprivation be so sensuous and so full? … it seemed to give my sleep resonance and poetry. What a beautiful book.’ TESSA HADLEY

Publisher Review

Intricately intriguing... astonishing... [The Shapeless Unease is] a particular joy. It moves between topics with ease, and yet at its heart it is an emotional book... I haven't read a book which is quite as clear about being a writer. -- Stuart Kelly * Scotland on Sunday * Samantha Harvey's dazzling, dizzying trip through the nightmare world of the sleepless...[is a] wondrous little book... a treasure trove of material... The Shapeless Unease is also one of the best books you will find about swimming. And its wonders. -- Roger Alton * Daily Mail * Urgent and wild, but also dazzling in its precision. This is what it must be like to try to keep hold of a brilliant mind that is threatening to unspool... a dark, seductive book about fear and madness and their allure... Reading The Shapeless Unease can feel not unlike dipping into strange, unchartered waters: it is by turns bracing and soothing, with a dark undertow and glimmers of light at the surface, and one emerges from it with an altered perspective, a sense of time having slowed down. -- Sophie McBain * New Statesman * A delight to read... suffused with the sense of a timeless fable... ineffably rewarding. -- Colin Grant * Observer * [A] remarkable book... [The Shapeless Unease is] an extraordinary journey, but it's also mesmerising. Harvey writes with hypnotic power and poetic precision about - well, about everything: grief, pain, memory, family, the night sky, a lake at sunset, what it means to dream and what it means to suffer and survive. -- Christina Patterson * Mail on Sunday *

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