Publication Date: 26/05/2022 ISBN: 9781529151572 Category:

The Sanctuary

Andrew Hunter Murray

Publisher: Cornerstone
Publication Date: 26/05/2022 ISBN: 9781529151572 Category:


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By the Sunday Times-bestselling author of The Last Day, this high-concept thriller will provoke and grip you from the very first page.

‘Imaginative and intriguing … Andrew Hunter Murray is a young writer to watch.’ Anthony Horowitz
‘Absolutely brilliant. I’m thinking it needs to be made into a movie!’ Zoe Ball
‘Gripping, unsettling and original. Andrew Hunter Murray is a fabulous storyteller.’ Tim Harford
‘Rich in imagination and stylishly written … Totally absorbing.’ Paul Burke, Crime Time FM
‘The (considerable) pleasure of this novel is in the getting from here to there.’ The Times
‘This is a smoothly written, thought-provoking tale about ageing societies and wealth inequality, with an effective shocker of an ending.’ The Guardian

In a disintegrating and increasingly lawless land, a young man is travelling north.

Ben is a young painter from the crowded, turbulent city. For six months his fiancee Cara has been living on the remote island of Sanctuary Rock, the property of millionaire philanthropist Sir John Pemberley. Now she has decided to break off their engagement and stay there for good.

Ben resolves to travel to the island to win Cara back. But the journey there is a harsh and challenging one, and when he does arrive, a terrible shock awaits him.

As Ben begins to find his way around Pemberley’s perfect island, he knows he must also discover – what has made Cara so determined to throw her old life away? And is Sanctuary Rock truly a second Eden, as the mysterious Sir John claims – or a prospect of hell?

Readers can’t get enough of The Sanctuary …

***** ‘A thoughtful, impressive science fiction thriller.’
***** ‘I hope AHM keeps writing books because they are *chef’s kiss* perfection.’
***** ‘Some great twists, turns and surprises!’
***** ‘Thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking.’
***** ‘This book took a totally different turn to what I was expecting! Really enjoyable, stayed up late to finish it as the story was so tense towards the end.’

Publisher Review

'Imaginative and intriguing. The Sanctuary sucks you in and doesn't let you leave until the very last page - and a final revelation that left me thinking late into the night. Andrew Hunter Murray is a young writer to watch.' -- Anthony Horowitz

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