Publication Date: 07/03/2019 ISBN: 9780099589969 Category:

The Mars Room

Rachel Kushner

Publisher: Vintage Publishing
Publication Date: 07/03/2019 ISBN: 9780099589969 Category:
Paperback / Softback



Mr B's review

Speaking from inside a women’s prison, Romy Hall recounts the perilous events on her journey to a life sentence, while her ongoing struggle to connect with her young son on the outside intensifies. Written in Kushner’s distinguishable style somewhere between the most personal confession and a dream, this is a gut-punching beauty of a novel. – Laura




From the author of internationally acclaimed The Flamethrowers – a fearless and heartbreaking novel about love, friendship and incarceration.

Romy Hall is starting two consecutive life sentences at Stanville Women’s Correctional Facility. Her crime? The killing of her stalker.

Inside awaits a world where women must hustle and fight for the bare essentials. Outside: the San Francisco of her youth. The Mars Room strip club where she was once a dancer. Her seven-year-old son, Jackson.

As Romy forms friendships over liquor brewed in socks and stories shared through sewage pipes her future seems to unfurl in one long, unwavering line – until news from beyond the prison bars forces Romy to try and outrun her destiny.

‘Kushner is one of our most outstanding modern writers’ STYLIST

‘More knowing about prison life [than Orange Is The New Black]… so powerful’ NEW YORK TIMES

‘Breathtaking’ VOGUE

Publisher Review

“It is an unforgettable novel, and leaves the reader in no doubt that Kushner is one of America’s greatest living authors.” * Daily Telegraph * “One of the greatest novels I have read in years. Her prior novel, The Flamethrowers, was expansive and thrilling, but this is richer and deeper, more ambitious in its moral vision… an exhilarating, always surprising read.” * Irish Times * “When I finished reading The Mars Room, I immediately reread it because I didn’t want to leave its world… The Mars Room teems with quick and distinctive voices.” — Max Liu * Financial Times * “Cements [Kushner’s] status as one of America’s finest writers.” * Vogue, **Must-Read Books of 2018** * “I’ve been bowled over by Rachel Kushner’s The Mars Room [about life in a women’s prison]. It’s astounding – very difficult to read but so beautifully done, and with such knowledge, although it doesn’t feel like a “researched” book.” — Anne Tyler * Observer *

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