Publication Date: 27/04/2023 ISBN: 9781910646878 Category:

The Lorikeet Tree

Paul Jennings

Publisher: Old Barn Books
Publication Date: 27/04/2023 ISBN: 9781910646878 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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A moving story of family, love and loss from one of Australia’s greatest storytellers. Emily loves the bush and the native animals on her family’s reforested property, particularly the beautiful rainbow lorikeets that nest in one of the tallest trees. But then her father is diagnosed with a terminal illness, and Emily’s world enters a tailspin. Her twin brother, Alex, refuses to accept the truth. His coping mechanism is to build elaborate additions to his treehouse in the superstitious belief that it will avert disaster – leaving Emily to deal with harsh reality on her own. When Alex secretly adopts a feral kitten, going against everything that’s important to Emily, the siblings’ emotions reach boiling point – with potentially dangerous consequences for them all.

Publisher Review

This is a beautiful story told in a very unique way. I want to tell you its secrets, but I won't, because discovering them is part of this literary journey and I don't want to spoil it for you. But I will say this isn't a typical start to end book. It won't be exactly what you expect. With rich characters who reveal ALL their flaws, it's the kind of book kids will read and remember forever. Through Emily's internal struggles, you're forced to look inside yourself and consider so many different topics. It asks readers to think about family struggles, having to be an adult when you're still a kid, environmental issues and right verses wrong. Big stuff, and yet the way Jennings delivers this book... it's like he's holding your hand through it all. This will be a more challenging read than some on the middle grade shelf, but it shouldn't be missed. I am forever changed after reading it, and you will be too. And isn't that what we hope for when we open a book? -- Shaye Wardrop * KidsBookReview blog * Arguably Australia's greatest living children's author. * Australian Book Review * There is so much to consider in this powerful story. It is not one to rush but to ponder and let sink into your soul. -- Kate Heap * Scope for Imagination blog * The reader is carried along at a calming & gentle pace. The relationship between Emily & Alex is incredibly well drawn & the sense of place & the wonders of nature are beautifully described. -- Jenny Hawke * Librarian, YLG * This book is aimed at younger readers and explores really important themes such as family, grief and loss. It is done so well and thoughtfully, all woven into a beautiful story around animals and deforestation... Paul Jennings truly is a masterful storyteller and I will be recommending this book for years to come. -- Sammysreads * Goodreads review * Absolutely loved this classic Jennings set on a large block of rewilded bush in Australia. Tugs at the heart without being maudlin - brilliant voices and I can hear the birdsong and smell the gum trees. -- Andrea Barlien * AllByMyShelves blog * Taking a moment to catch my breath after this... Paul Jennings is a firm favourite and TheLorikeetTree doesn't disappoint. Honest, relatable, vivid and moving. The world needs more stories like this. -- Alison King * via Twitter * I may have something in my eye after reading this short, beautiful, simply told story about family, loss and nature. There is real depth to the relationships, particularly the central sibling relationship. A future classic for 11+. -- Stephen Dilley * Teacher, reviewer, UKLA * Paul Jennings is known for his funny books and creations - Round the Twist, Unreal, Uncanny, Gizmo, and many more that kids have loved since 1985. Yet in The Lorikeet Tree, he has diverged from his stories about the weird and wonderful and created a serious story about overcoming obstacles in a world where everything is unpredictable... Simply told yet filled with heart, The Lorikeet Tree reflects the conflicts of siblings and parents and being part of a family facing tragedy and what that could mean for your future. The Lorikeet Tree also speaks for the environment and a place that cannot speak for itself, that is in conflict with what the characters want or are trying to do. The lyrical feeling of this book captured my imagination and it is one that has a timeless feeling about it - and is one that I hope many people come to enjoy. * The Book Muse blog * The Lorikeet Tree is simply and beautifully told. The lyrical text has the feel of a Barrington Stoke novel in terms of its quality and accessibility, and there really is no higher praise than that. The story itself doesn't stray away from truth or hard issues, but Jennings approaches the subject matter of sibling trouble, loss and first love sensitively as well as honestly. In particular, Emily's internal struggles prompt us to think about our own family difficulties and values. And at the centre of this moving story is a message about the healing power of nature, one that will be remembered by those KS3 readers that turn to it. -- Nicholas Carter * Just Imagine Book Reviews * Jennings at his very best... eloquent, understated and every page is full of empathy for his characters and a deep love of the landscape and its inhabitants. -- Alison Brumwell A book with a huge heart... showing the power of family love and empathy and reflecting on the oneness of the natural world. I highly recommend to all secondary school librarians and classroom book collections and to anyone working in the field of teenage mental health. -- Veronica Price * V'sViewfromtheBookshelves blog * A story brimming with love and hope - The Lorikeet Tree is deeply moving, looking at life and death as well as the wonder of nature. -- Tom G * checkemoutbooks blog *

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