Publication Date: 01/04/2021 ISBN: 9780008365875 Category:

The Inverts

Crystal Jeans

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication Date: 01/04/2021 ISBN: 9780008365875 Category:




‘This delicious romp is the sort of thing Nancy Mitford might have written if she’d been gay… wonderfully blithe, witty and moving’ Rowan Pelling, DAILY MAIL

‘Funny, filthy and phenomenally good’ Matt Cain

1921: a boy, a girl, a moonlit midnight kiss.

A terrible, repulsive kiss.

Bettina and Bart have grown up as best friends, so surely they will end up together? After all, Bettina is young, rich, headstrong…. and gay. Bart is young, rich, charismatic… and also, definitely, gay. Any doubts are dispelled by, in short order: that ghastly kiss; a torrid encounter for Bettina in the school boiler-rooms; and an eye-opening Parisian visit for Bart.

Society will never stand for it. What else can they do but enter into a ‘lavender marriage’ and carry on indulging their true natures in secret? As the ’20s and ’30s whizz past in a haze of cigarettes, champagne and casual sex, Bart and Bettina have no idea that they are hurtling, via Hollywood and Egypt, Paris and London, towards tragedy and bloodshed…

Publisher Review

'A glorious celebration of queer friendship and all kinds of love. Funny, outrageous, heartbreaking and so much fun.' Kate Davies, winner of the Polari Prize 2020 'Very funny and touching and quite filthy' Louisa Young, author of My Dear I Wanted To Tell You 'I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a book so much. The Inverts is funny, filthy and phenomenally good - an exhilarating, extraordinary book, packed with dazzling dialogue, stiletto-sharp wit and a glorious serving of filth. It's like Sarah Waters and Alan Hollinghurst go to a party in Downton Abbey - and things get gloriously, hilariously, out of hand' Matt Cain 'Filthy and hilarious, this is a gloriously naughty romp of a read that also has something serious to say about queer love. I didn't want it to end' S.J. Watson 'Bettina and Bart are not just larger-than-life - they are alive. By turns raucous and poignant, hilarious and shattering this is a wonder of a story. A lifelong friendship, warts-and-all, where the sparkling moments and the sad are told in a voice as irresistible as the pair themselves. I LOVED it' Jess Kidd

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