Publication Date: 19/05/2015 ISBN: 9781909954144 Category:

The Headscarf Revolutionaries

Brian W. Lavery

Publisher: Barbican Press
Publication Date: 19/05/2015 ISBN: 9781909954144 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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The harsh seas of 1968.

Three trawlers from Hulls fleet sink in just 3 weeks.

58 Dead. 1 Survivor.

Enough is enough.

Lilian Bilocca put down her filleting knife, picked up some sheets of paper and stormed into action. She started with a petition and this journey takes her Headscarf Revolutionaries right to the doors of Parliament. Shipping Laws were changed for the better, and thousands of fishermen were made safer. Lilian became a TV star and an international celebrity. It’s hard to live down fame like that in the back streets of Hull. It’s harder still for the lone survivor who battled the storms as the trawlers sank.

The Headscarf Revolutionaries thrills with the dangers of the high seas; inspires with the passion of women who changed their world, and reveals the vivid life inside one of history’s most vital communities.

Complete with pages of black and white photographs that capture the characters, trawlers, dangers, and occasional glamour of the era. Includes a foreword by John Prescott.

Some Reviews:

‘History reporting at its best.’

‘There is tragedy and loss but also some warm humour.’

‘Like a portal that took me back to that time.’

‘An incredible story of very brave and driven women.’

‘Evokes memories for us Hessle Roaders, both happy and sad.’

‘A fascinating read. Highly recommended.’

‘An emotionally brilliant read.’

‘Brian Lavery has done a fantastic service .’

‘A story of pride and grief and social bravery.’

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