Publication Date: 28/01/2021 ISBN: 9780099592167 Category:

The F*ck-it List

John Niven

Publisher: Cornerstone
Publication Date: 28/01/2021 ISBN: 9780099592167 Category:
Paperback / Softback




‘Hilarious’ ADAM KAY
‘Mind-blowingly brilliant’ DAILY MAIL
‘Highly entertaining’ EVENING STANDARD
‘Loved it’ ROBERT WEBB
Frank Brill, a retired small-town newspaper editor, has just been given a terminal diagnosis.

Rather than compile a bucket list of all the things he’s ever wanted to do in his life, he instead has at the ready his ‘fuck-it list’. Because Frank has had to endure more than his fair share of personal misfortune, not to mention having to live through two terms of a Trump presidency.

Armed with the names of all those who are to blame for the tragedies that have befallen him, it’s time for revenge.

Publisher Review

Of course, of course, John Niven does it again. It is impossible to read him without laughing out loud one second, and feeling guiltily exhilarated the next. His perfectly observed writing has taken us to many dark places over the years, but this may be the darkest yet: an America of the very-near future, whose stifling horrors he conjours all-too-believably. Niven is a writer of wicked humour and outrageous charm - but he is a profoundly moral writer, too. And while this is a brilliantly observed revenge story, it's also a terrifyingly unsettling satire of a world just around the corner. Its warnings will stay with me as long as its wit. -- Marina Hyde [The F*ck-it List] took me by surprise - a thriller with humanity as well as tension. -- Ian Rankin Loved it. A ferocious revenge story which also manages to be sweetly uplifting. A book Donald Trump would call f*cking nasty. -- Robert Webb Terrifying and brilliant and gripping and tragic and humane ... it becomes progressively more tense ... This should be mandatory reading for every U.S. citizen ... Such a well-written book, with such vivid efficient prose, a powerful political plea disguised as a revenge novel. It's brilliant. -- Marian Keyes Gripping, terrifying and hilarious - John Niven is our Hunter S. Thompson. -- Adam Kay

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