Publication Date: 15/06/1998 ISBN: 9780006530657 Category:

The Essential Jung

Anthony Storr

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication Date: 15/06/1998 ISBN: 9780006530657 Category:
Paperback / Softback




A sparkling and up-to-date new cover for one of Fontana Press’s strongest-selling titles.

‘Jung was on a giant scale…he was a master physician of the soul in his insights, a profound sage in his conclusions. He is also one of Western Man’s great liberators.’ J. B. Priestly, Sunday Telegraph

‘Jung can sometimes rise to the heights of a Blake or a Nietzsche or a Kierkegaard…like any true prophet or artist, he extended the range of the human imagination…to be able to share Jungian emotions is surely an almost necessary capacity of the free mind.’ Philip Toynbee, Observer

This compact volume of extracts from the twenty volumes of Jung’s published writings presents him clearly, in his own words and in precis.

Jung’s writing is the key to understanding 20th-century psychology, psychiatry and psychoanalysis. Most of the terms of reference now used (‘extrovert’, ‘collective unconscious’, ‘archetype’) are Jungian.

This is essential reading for both students of psychology and the general reader.

Publisher Review

'Storr presents a selection characterised by clarity of organisation and sympathetic understanding which will be of value both to the general reader and the more serious student.' Journal of Analytical Psychology 'Anthony Storr offers a commentary that is admirably clear and unfailingly level in tone.' Liam Hudson, Sunday Times

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