Publication Date: 17/10/2016 ISBN: 9781910477229 Category:

The Eskimo Solution

Pascal Garnier, Emily Boyce, Jane Aitken

Publisher: Gallic Books
Publication Date: 17/10/2016 ISBN: 9781910477229 Category:
Paperback / Softback




A crime author writing the story of Louis, who decides to do his cash-strapped friends a favor by hastening their parents’ demise, finds reality and fiction overlapping during a stay in Normandy.Pascal Garnier combines the style of Simenon, the insight of Camus with a wit that is all his own.

Publisher Review

"It's fun to inhabit such a powerful mental atmosphere, however dark it may be, when it's created with originality and style. It certainly is with Garnier, whose books start off seeming simple, then sneak up on you. They remind me of those expensive dark chocolates that are 90 percent cacao. They can be quite bitter, but once you get used to the taste, you wouldn't want them any sweeter."*NPR / Fresh Air with Terry Gross "Once again Pascal Garnier authors a very dark and gripping French middle class tragedy that as always provides insight into the downside of human relationships."Midwest Book Review "He slowly peels back the layers of an individual's character and shows that no one is easily known."Booksie's Blog "Garnier is convincing in his portrayal of how two seemingly-normal, somewhat functional people combine and fuse into murderous, toxic, self-destructive isolation."Swiftly Tilting Planet/His Futile Preoccupations ..". a grim and oddly funny entertainment for readers."The Canadian National Post - April 30, 2015 "Garnier is one of the few French writers interested in the same human landscapes that, mutatis mutandis, interested Raymond Carver in the United States..."The Arts Fuse

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