Publication Date: 26/06/2008 ISBN: 9780230553002 Category:

The Economics of Social Problems

Sheila Smith, Julian Le Grand, Carol Propper

Publisher: Macmillan Education UK
Publication Date: 26/06/2008 ISBN: 9780230553002 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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This well respected textbook has been fully updated to reflect how economic policies on housing, crime, the environment, pensions among other areas, have changed in recent years. The book offers a lucid, non-technical introduction to important economic concepts, showing how they are applied in a real world setting.

Publisher Review

'The first edition of this volume was my first rave book review and, in that sense, nothing has changed. The authors have sustained and developed the book's original strengths, notably the striking clarity with which it sets out the economist's approach to social policy, and introduced new and topical chapters on crime, climate change and - importantly - pensions. A chip off the old block!' - Professor Nicholas Barr, London School of Economics 'This is a lucid, well organised and accessible textbook for introductory courses in applied economics or the economics of social policy. It shows how standard economic theory can be applied to a wide range of social problems and it includes a well chosen selection of topics.' W. A. Jackson, The University of York 'This is a first rate textbook that highlights the importance of economics to the big questions of today. It combines depth and accessibility with a balance of different perspectives. It is ideal for students of economics, but will also be read, understood and debated by students in the social and political sciences. An outstanding introduction to the economics of social problems - very thoroughly recommended.' Dr Dan Coffey, University of Leeds 'The authors offer a lucid introduction to important economic concepts, showing how they are applied in a real-world setting.' - Times Higher Education Textbook Guide 'To paraphrase Shakespeare, age cannot wither it, nor custom stale its infinite variety. Chapters on 'new' issues such as road congestion and climate change sit comfortably with the old favourites of health and education...the book sets out on a large and ambitious task of understanding the nature of social problems through the lens of economic analysis in a way that will be understood by those with little understanding of economics. From my perspective this has been achieved with considerable aplomb' - Steve Iafrati, University of Wolverhampton 'By relating economic theory to real-world social policy problems this textbook aids learning in ways in which a book simply about social policy or a book simply about economic theory could not hope to achieve'. Citizen's income Newsletter, 2010.

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