Publication Date: 05/11/2020 ISBN: 9780192777591 Category:

The Eagle of the Ninth

Rosemary Sutcliff

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 05/11/2020 ISBN: 9780192777591 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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The Ninth Legion marched into the mists of northern Britain – and they were never seen again.

Four thousand men disappeared and their eagle standard was lost. It’s a mystery that’s never been solved, until now . . .

Marcus has to find out what happened to his father, who led the legion. So he sets out into the unknown, on a quest so dangerous that nobody expects him to return.

The Eagle of the Ninth is heralded as one of the most outstanding children’s books of the twentieth century and has sold over a million copies worldwide. Rosemary Sutcliff writes with such passion and attention to detail that Roman Britain is instantly brought to life and stays with the reader long after the last page has been turned.

Publisher Review

Just read Warrior Scarlet for the first time and was totally blown away. I didn't read any Rosemary Sutcliff as a child, but I've been loving working my way through her books now, as a children's author. The Lantern Bearers is astonishingly resonant. And Sun Horse, Moon Horse! * SF Said * She was definitely a huge influence on my writing. Eagle of the Ninth in particular-That mix of 'What if ' and adventure. She totally took my mind to early Britain, she convinced me that I wanted to go there too. One of the few books I reread from time to time. * Fleur Hitchcock * What you read and love as a child stays with you for life, and that wonderful tale of courage and adventure in the misty north will be with me forever. * Elizabeth Laird * Rosemary Sutcliff was one of my favourite authors when I was a child. I loved the detailed description and beautiful prose which fired my imagination. She made time travellers of her readers and I have never forgotten the intense pleasure her books gave me. The Eagle Of The Ninth was my favourite, not only for the romance and poignancy of the lost legion but the thrilling journey she took her readers on to the wild savage edge of the known world. I read Rosemary Sutcliff's books aloud to my own children who were as captivated as I was. She is one of our greatest writers and gave me a lifelong love of history. * Chris Riddell * The Eagle of the Ninth is not only a rollicking good adventure, but also a touching and true story about friendship, love and loyalty. * Charlotte Higgins * I remember being gripped by the story of a young Roman called Marcus, and his quest to find the Eagle standard of a legion that marched north of Hadrian's wall and never returned. From then on I was a fan of Rosemary Sutcliff's books. * Tony Bradman * Sutcliff was a superb writer with a classicist's grasp of the era, a poet's eye for nature and a devilish sense of plot. Fiction this evergreen cannot fail to uplift. * David Mitchell *

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