Publication Date: 10/06/2021 ISBN: 9780008410773 Category:

The Dive

Stephen McGinty

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication Date: 10/06/2021 ISBN: 9780008410773 Category:


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The Dive is a thrilling narrative nonfiction in the tradition of The Perfect Storm and Apollo 13.

They were out of their depth, out of breath, and out of time. It was 1973. Two men were trapped in a crippled submarine 1,700 feet below sea. They only had enough air to survive for two days. On the ocean’s surface there was a hastily assembled flotilla of rescue ships from both sides of the Atlantic. The world held its breath to await word of a rescue.

In a routine dive to fix the telecommunication cable that snakes along the Atlantic sea bed, their mission had gone badly wrong. There was a catastrophic fault on board the Pisces III, and Roger Chapman and Roger Mallinson’s mini-submarine went tumbling to the ocean bed almost half a mile below.

The crippled sub and its crew were trapped far beyond the depth of any previous sub-sea rescue. They had just two days’ worth of oxygen. However, on the surface the best estimates for a rescue of these men was a minimum of three days’ time.

The Dive is brilliantly researched by veteran journalist Stephen McGinty. Stephen adeptly reconstructs the race against time as Britain, America and Canada pooled their resources into a ‘Brotherhood of the Sea’ dedicated to stopping the ocean depths claiming two of their own. Based on previously undisclosed records, maritime logbooks, and exclusive interviews with all the key participants, The Dive takes the reader on an emotional and thrilling ride from the depths of defeat to a glimpse of the sun-dappled surface.

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